From challenge

comes change

For International Women's Day 2021, SCREENSHOT has partnered with three inspiring women who, through their community, platform, and online presence have challenged gender inequality each in their own way. From challenge comes changes, which is why we not only want to highlight the progress these changemakers have led to, but also the message they bear for a more inclusive future.

This IWD 2021, SCREENSHOT is supporting the feminist organisation Young Women's Trust in its mission to achieve economic justice for young women. Let's celebrate the social, cultural, economic, and political achievements women have accomplished by challenging gender inequality. Let's push change forward. Let's #ChooseToChallenge

International Women's

Day 2021

International Women's

Day 2021

International Women's

Day 2021

International Women's

Day 2021



TikTok content creator

At only 20 years old, content creator Chrissy Chlapecka is mostly known as the leader of 'BimboTok', where "girls, gays, and theys" engage in a collective performance of hyperfemininity as a modern way to challenge society's misogynist views. Through her videos and the empowering messages she promotes, Chlapecka transformed the previously pejorative connotation of the term 'bimbo' into an all-inclusive, anti-capitalist, gender-neutral leftist icon, gaining more than 2.6 million followers on TikTok.

"Femininity is power. Femininity is beauty. Femininity is everything this world needs."



Trans rights activist

Lucia Blayke is the founder of London Trans Pride and the brains behind Harpies, the UK's first LGBTQI+ strip club. The passionate trans activist and scene figure not only made a name for herself through her impressive projects, but also by constantly speaking up about the specific issues the transgender community faces on a daily basis.

"None of us are the same, and that's okay—that's what makes women beautiful and unique, the fact that we are all different."



Multidisciplinary artist and content creator

Khadija Mbowe is a self-defined "cool, fun, millennial aunty" who sits on their bedroom floor talking about literally everything they want to a YouTube channel with more than 200,000 listeners about important topics that everyone needs an education on such as identity, colourism, race, beauty and more. Using their own community, Mbowe dissects history to challenge our future.

"It's okay to question what a construct like gender even means. It's okay to change your mind and try to understand who you are fundamentally."

SCREENSHOT is supporting Young Women's Trust this IWD2021

Young Women's Trust is a feminist organisation working to achieve economic justice for young women by offering women aged 18 to 30 coaching service and helping them build a better future for themselves through its Work It Out initiative.

Young women are at the centre of the Young Women's Trust work: leading, designing and participating. The charity's motto, "No young woman left behind," highly resonates with the necessary changes the new generation of women is still working towards in order to reach gender equality.

Help Young Women's Trust challenge sexist work roles and rebuild work places free from discrimination and inequality, donate here.