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How to get the best out of live casino gaming

By Alex Harris

Oct 26, 2021


Online casino gaming was already exciting enough, but the introduction of live casino gaming has changed the industry even further. In a bid to recreate the traditional casino experience as closely as possible, online casinos offer games hosted by live dealers, allowing players to stream the game onto their own device at home.

Players simply love it! They get to play in the privacy and comfort of their own home but still experience some of the magic of a land-based casino—the best of both worlds, in other words. Interested in playing live casino? Below you’ll find tips on how to get the best out of your live casino gaming experience.

Ensure you have a reliable internet connection

The live casino experience relies on streaming, so make sure your connection has good bandwidth (bandwidth being the volume of information that can be sent over your internet in a specific amount of time). A high bandwidth will enable you to enjoy the game better because your connection will be able to cope with all the information coming across it.

Note that your internet speed should be fast and reliable. If not, it can slow down your game and you could also experience irritating interruptions to the game while your connection plays catch-up with the stream.

Understand how to play the game inside out

Live casino gaming is just that: live. Due to their overheads, few online casinos offer practise games for their live casino offering, so you’ve got to know the basics of the game before you start playing at the very least. To enter a live game and not grasp the rules and how to play is to throw yourself off the deep end. Not advised.

It’s better to make sure you fully understand the game and have practised plenty before taking part in a live game, since the interactions with the dealer can distract you. The more you practise before playing, the better.

Know the terms and conditions of your table

Whereas playing slots is straightforward, table games have a variety of terms and conditions. Always go through them before you sit down to a live game and never ignore them. Failing to comply could see you kicked off the table. Not the kind of experience you want from your gaming!

Be mindful of your time and bankroll

Time and bankroll are two of the most important factors in live casino gaming. In the excitement of it all, you can easily lose track of one or the other, or of both, and run out of either (or both).

You’ve got to make your time count, so be mindful of the game, avoid distractions and don’t engage in unnecessary actions with the dealer. This will save you time and help you to stay focused and wise as to when to leave. Knowing the right time to exit the game will allow you to enjoy the experience more, rather than leaving with a bitter taste in your mouth because things didn’t go your way but you played on in spite of it.

Plan your budget

Laying down money willy-nilly isn’t the way to win when playing live casino games. You need to be conscious of your budget and not place huge chunks of it on a single play, such as on a single spin of a roulette wheel. Placing small amounts on games is the way to go if you only have a small budget to spend.

You might be tempted to increase the amount of money you put into play if you hit a big win. That’s up to you, but doing so is a sign you’re getting caught up in the excitement of the game. Keep a cool head and stick to your budget and strategy. One way to do this is by taking regular breaks.

Only bet what you can afford

This may seem like common sense, but in the thick of the action, it’s easy to get carried away and contribute more money to the game than you can afford. Besides winning, your real task is to conserve your bankroll. Be aware that as part of their interaction with you, dealers may offer the option of placing more money on the game. If you can’t afford to, you know what the answer is.

Avoid chasing losses

Chasing losses is a big mistake. If the game isn’t going well, don’t double your stake. It can sour your gaming. It’s better to just accept it’s not your night at the table and come back another day.

The more you learn about strategy, the more you’ll see that in the longer run, you’ll hit the numbers. This, and leaving the game at the right time, will keep live casino enjoyable.

Game with reputable providers only

Only play games on the websites of reputable providers. If there are no signs of licensing or the games haven’t been approved by a testing agency such as eCogra, avoid the site. Honest providers know the importance of trust and transparency in the industry and will take essential steps to reassure players their platform and services are safe and secure.

Online gaming is tremendously thrilling. Never forget to stay as calm as possible while playing. Following the tips above will help you to do this and more so that you can get the best out of the live casino experience.