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The thrill of online blackjack

By Alex Harris

Nov 21, 2021


Online casino games are some of the most sought-after gambling options these days. As a result, you’ll come across several online gambling sites that enable you to enjoy these releases. From slots to table game varieties and special releases, there are more options available on each website than you would find at gambling halls.

One of the games you’re certain to come across at your chosen online casino is blackjack. This is a game that’s been played for centuries, making it a popular option at gambling sites as well. That’s because it’s an easy and exciting game to play, and with the help of technology better looking online than ever.

How to play blackjack

Depending on what you’re in the mood for, gambling sites enable members to play this skill game for free or for real money. Even non-members can access free trial games on most platforms. For these, you will receive virtual credits to make your wagers. It’s a great way to practice and hone your skills before playing with real cash.

Blackjack is also called 21. The aim of the game is to create a hand with a maximum value of 21. To win, your hand has to be better than the dealer’s hand. A basic blackjack game will have the dealer using a single standard set of playing cards. That’s without the joker cards. Keep in mind though that some variations use more than one deck for the gameplay.

Every other card has the following values:

2 to 10 cards hold the value of the number indicated on them
J to K or face cards each have a value of 10
The Ace has a value of either 1 or 11. The total value of the other cards in your hand determines whether it will be a 1 or 11

The game starts after you make your bet for the round. The dealer will then give the player and themselves one card each, that’s face up. The second cards get dealt, but you’ll receive yours face up while the dealer’s will be face down.

Calculate the value of the hand you have to decide whether to stand or hit. The value of the dealer’s face-up card can help you know what to do depending on what you already have.

Choose to stand: that means you’re fine with the hand you have and are ready for the dealer to reveal their hand

Choose to hit: you’d like to receive more cards to get you closer to 21 or to get a value you feel is greater than the dealer’s

Live dealer blackjack

Most online casinos have incorporated a new way for their players to enjoy blackjack online. That’s by offering live dealer releases. If you’ve ever visited a casino hall to enjoy a table game, then you have an idea of how live dealer games go.

These are live-streamed versions of the blackjack variations you’d find at your chosen casino. So, instead of having to visit a brick-and-mortar establishment, you sit at a table with a real dealer. Everything they do gets filmed and streamed in real-time from the platform’s studio.

With real blackjack live games, you can still access games 24/7. However, there’s the added advantage of interacting with other people at the same table through chat or audio features on the site. While playing these games, you get buttons on your display to enable you to respond to prompts throughout your session. Some of the buttons you may find include a bet setting button, a stand button, and a hit button. For other variations, you may find options to:

Double down: if you feel the hand you have is sure to earn you a win, you can make a bet that’s up to 100% your initial wager. You’ll then receive only one more card before you stand.

Split: if you received two matching cards, you can request the dealer to split them into two sets. So, the matching cards will be the first of two sets of player hands. However, you’ll need to make an additional bet equal to your first wager.

Surrender: if the first hand you received doesn’t please you, surrendering it allows you to get a new set of cards at half your bet.