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Which influencer pathway is best for you?

By Alex Harris

Nov 16, 2021


Becoming an influencer is one of the most desirable jobs at this moment in time. Many people look at the different benefits that come with this job and try to get in on the action. While the space is populated, to say the least, there is always room for more people to join the party. So, if you’re thinking of joining the influencer world, which is the best path for you to take? We’ve taken a look at some of the more popular ways to become an influencer and listed the best approaches depending on your personality type.


Twitch is a great way to start on the road to influencer-dom. It allows people to stream a variety of different hobbies and offers a lot of monetisation opportunities along the way. It’s not just standard gaming that is available to players in terms of stream options either. There are also a lot of players who choose to stream their adventures playing online games. This is actually a very sensible choice as online casinos help to create genuine emotion when playing, which makes it possible to create captivating viewing.

So, what type of person should you be in order to choose Twitch as a path? Well, you need to be interesting and able to portray yourself as extroverted. You don’t have to actually be an extrovert—you just need to give off that impression. On top of this, you need to be able to talk for a very long time. People don’t watch a Twitch stream just to see a game being played. They watch it to enjoy what the person playing has to say. If you’re the kind of person who plays without saying anything, then Twitch is probably not the platform for you.


TikTok is the breakout platform of the moment. It offers content creators the opportunity to create short but interesting videos. These can be little sketches, dances or even musical performances. Whatever comes into your head, you can put it together with TikTok. It has helped a number of different people create an opportunity for themselves in the influencer world. There are even examples of some people managing to carve out opportunities for themselves with sports teams due to their activities on TikTok.

Choosing to work via TikTok is best if you’re able to create interest in short bursts. If you struggle to put things together over a longer period of time, then avoiding Twitch and moving to TikTok is probably best for you. It gives you the chance to create funny and interesting videos, without having to worry about filling in the gaps when you don’t have anything interesting to say. The fact that it allows for sound to be easily transposed over the top of your video is also another example of how TikTok makes content creation easier for people. 

If you can create excellent content in short bursts but find long-form content difficult to put together, then TikTok is the platform for you. You could even use it as a way to work on your content creation and build up to longer-form content in the future.


Instagram is a great platform to show off your photography skills. If you can craft fantastic-looking photos or have the ability to pose perfectly, then Instagram is your best shot at creating a brand for yourself. Because it allows for text to be provided with the photos and pictures, as well as multiple pictures at a time, it’s a fantastic way to microblog. It can also be used as an online art portfolio where artists can build up a collection of the different pieces they have created.

It doesn’t end there either. People who create different items can also use Instagram as a way to sell items. For example, a t-shirt designer could put their latest designs up on the platform, and from there have links to their own online store in place. This would allow for more sales to be driven through using Instagram as a way to build up influence. It’s definitely one of the most diverse ways of promoting yourself and the content you are creating.

However, just being a good photographer isn’t enough anymore, and the Instagram algorithm tends to give more weight to users who share Stories, Reels and IGTV too. If you’re able to bring all these moving parts together, then Instagram can provide you with the opportunity to influence others. There are a lot of different ways that the app can open doors for content creators—you just have to get comfortable making videos too, even if you’re not the subject.


Twitter is something that not too many people focus on when it comes to influencing. As it’s all about short and sharp comments, many people just dismiss it as not useful to them. However, for people who don’t feel comfortable using a visual or audio medium, Twitter has a lot of opportunities available. Using Twitter is a fantastic way to build up a following in a relatively short period of time. If you’re able to offer a different approach from other people within a certain niche, then building up a big following is possible very quickly. What Twitter is also great for is building up a following on other platforms. So, if you have a day job and want to try to get some interest for your stream in the evening, Twitter is a great way to spend a few minutes building up a little bit of hype.

If you don’t have other content to promote, then Twitter is also a way for authors or artists to get eyes on their work and increase sales. It’s perhaps not quite as easy to build up a big influencer following as other platforms, but there are still opportunities here.