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The 30 best TikTok and Instagram influencers you need to follow right now

Every month, we update this list to include the top 15 influencers on TikTok and Instagram we think you should follow. Our selection isn't based on follower numbers, but on individuals we believe are changemakers in their own field and who are casting positive, innovative and action-driving influence to their followers and on their communities in turn.

UPDATED: 02 December 2021 4.26 AM


15 influencers you should follow on TikTok


Wisdom Kaye


Stylist, fashion enthusiast

With 1.6 million followers and 28.2 million likes on TikTok, it is safe to say that Wisdom Kaye has made a name for himself by sharing his styling tips and answering specific requests in his comments. Ever wondered how to style a green jumper with red trousers without making it look way too Christmassy? Kaye solves this one for you.


Sineâde Reallé



Not only does Sineâde Reallé tells it like it is, she uses TikTok as a platform to inform viewers on issues such as LGBTQ+ rights and systemic racism in simple and fun ways. Plus, we live for her sass and confidence!


Towa Bird


Musician, guitarist

From Harry Styles to Katy Perry, guitarist prodigy Towa Bird covers it all. With close to 3 million likes on her videos, it's clear to anyone how much talent Bird has. Check her out for some major Guitar Hero nostalgia and one of the best guitar faces ever.


Tabitha Brown


Actress, vegan foodie

We're pretty sure Tabitha Brown is not an actual chef but her easy-to-follow vegan recipes have helped us go through lockdown without burning the house down—make sure you try her spinach garlic grilled cheese. For those of you who are not into cooking, Brown is still a must follow as she constantly checks in on her followers and gives advice only mothers can.




DIY fashion pro

Eleanor creates DIY fashion tutorial for everything you can think of. From turning vintage scarves into a cute summer top and explaining how to create the perfect lettuce hem, Eleanor's videos will turn anyone into a DIY queen! She even sells some of her creations on her Depop @elliesimm





What AJS does is pretty simple: he films himself watching other users' videos and posts his reactions on his page. While he seems to particularly enjoy cooking videos, AJS also reacts to other types of content—we even saw him react to a video where someone was using an iPad as a cutting board.


Daisy May Cooper



If you haven't heard of English comedian and writer Daisy May Cooper or never watched 'This Country', you will need to start this journey by following her on TikTok. By mixing strange choreographies with funny videos of her and her daughter, May Cooper is simply hilarious.


Jade O'Connell



Jade O'Connell has Tourette's syndrome but that doesn't stop her from thriving on the app. Mostly known for her videos raising awareness about Tourette's, O'Connell also likes to lighten the mood by filming herself cooking with friends and family.




Fashion influencer, makeup artists

Nemahsis is the queen of styling and we love how she perfectly pairs baggy jeans with tailored tops. Follow her for easy-to-recreate looks.


Nina Nesbitt


Musician, singer

Not only is Nina Nesbitt a talented singer, she also uses some very uncommon items as instruments. Our favourite? Her underwear and a book—see for yourself, you'll get it.


Naomi El


Musician, activist

Want to learn more about systemic racism in the UK and black British history? Naomi El has the facts for you and the rhetoric on top of that. Bonus, she's a great singer too.


Simone Fae


Fashion enthusiast

We're still debating what exactly Simone Fae's aesthetic is—from egirls and Japan's kawaii to grunge and Bratz dolls, Fae seems to try it all. And it looks amazing! Follow for some serious fashion inspo.


Thea Bowman



From trippy collages and wall paintings to refurbishing old desks, artist Thea Bowman dabbles in everything art-related. If you're looking for some inspiration for your own creations, make sure you have a look at her videos.


Perris Howard



We love Perris Howard's dad jokes (even though he's clearly in his 20s) and his family's clear disinterest in TikTok. Follow him for a good laugh.


Chloe Phelan


Content creator

Chloe Phelan is the epitome of a TikTok influencer. By using every features the app has to offer and being as honest and straight to the point as she can, Phelan's page makes us laugh every time.

15 influencers you should follow on Instagram


Leo Walk


Dancer, choreographer

Paris-based Leo Walk is a young dancer and choreographer part of the dance crew 'La Marche Bleue'. His IG feed is a mix of poetic choreographies, stylish editorials and footage of his studio training. Whether you're into dance or not, Walk will have you dancing in no time.


Claude Knight


Digital creator, artist

Through her political illustrations as well as the captions she writes to go along them, Claude Knight's feed is so timely and engaged that we had to include it in our top 15. Follow for messages of body positivity, female empowerment and mental wellbeing.


Tahmina May Akhtar


Makeup artist

Tahmina May Akhtar is a pro at creating colourful yet simple makeup looks. Her Instagram feed mixes pictures and videos of some of her best looks. You'll be obsessed in no time.


Alex Paganelli


Chef, photographer, filmmaker

Alex Paganelli, also known as Dead Hungry on Instagram, has become a major inspo for anything food-related for us. Not only his cooking looks absolutely amazing, but his voice has us somewhat hypnotised too.


Annika Hansteen-Izora


Poet, artist

Annika Hansteen-Izora is the content creator you will need to follow on Instagram right this second. Whether she speaks about Black Lives Matter or how to correctly follow social distance measures, her posts are always on point.


Ruby Stevenson


Sex educator

Ruby Stevenson is a sex educator who works for sexual health charity Brook, runs pleasure and sex toy workshops, and Body Love Sketch Club with Rosy Pendlebaby. We love her mission and her honesty.


Jade Pearl



Apart from her modelling career, Jade Pearl's illustrations blew up very recently after she featured in Channel 4's art show.


Radam Ridwan


Writer, creator

Radam Ridwan's out there aesthetic on their Instagram account is a breath of fresh air. Follow for posts educating you on all sort of topics.


Windy Tsoi


Dancer, choreographer

Dancer and choreographer Windy Tsoi shows you how to pop it, lock it and drop it in her online dance classes.


Daisy Penman


Digital creator, writer

We love Daisy Penman's political explanations! She makes everything sound simple and always wants to help.


Char Ellesse


Creator, founder

Char Ellesse is the founder of @girlswillbeboys_ an online platform that is blurring the lines between gender roles by creating an open discussion exploring modern ideas of femininity and masculinity through content creation. We love to see it!


Rebecca Pokua Korang


Performance artist, co-founder

Rebecca Pokua Korang is an emerging Afro-German artist from Berlin. As a performance artist and the co-founder of @utopianowtheater she explores different approaches to choreography.


María Bernad


Stylist, founder

María Bernad is the pro of vintage and thrifting. As the founder and creative director of the vintage and upcycling clothing brand Les Fleurs Studio, expect to see a lot of lace and big collars on her feed.


Alice Kong


Director, photographer

Alice Kong's work is as colourful and joyful as her Instagram feed. Follow her for some funky French music videos.


Nassia Matsa


Writer, model

Nassia Matsa has got the brains and the looks. As a journalist currently writing for Vogue and a renowned model, you won't want to miss her.

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