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7 benefits of using a wristwatch

By Alex Harris

Dec 9, 2021


During the 1900s, wristwatches were always considered fashion accessories for women while men roamed around with pocket watches. But today, wristwatches are one the most essential fashion accessories for men around the world. While it is mostly used to tell the time, it also offers many benefits that can improve our everyday lives. If you are looking for a watch, you will find several different types of watches that vary in shapes, sizes, colours, dials, and even different strap bands.

Whether you are getting a wristwatch for your kid or for an adult, you have a plethora of options that offer several features or functions. Smartwatches are the latest trend gaining a lot of attention, and Apple watches are the leading smartwatch in the market. If you want to buy a smartwatch for your kid, find a suitable Apple watch for kids here on Superwatches.

Now, if you are one of those people who consider watches obsolete because of the advancement of smartphones, here are 7 reasons why you should consider using a wristwatch instead. 

1. Convenience

One of the biggest advantages of using a wristwatch is that it is convenient and functional. Whether you are travelling or at work, you can easily tell the time by glancing at your wrist without digging into your pocket every now and then. Sometimes, looking at your phone continuously during a meeting or when with friends can be inappropriate and awkward. Whether traditional or modern watch, it is extremely convenient and changes the way you approach things in life.

2. Accountability

While a watch allows users to tell the precise time, it also ensures that they remain accountable. Keeping track of time and being responsible is an important life principle that will help you no matter where you go. A wristwatch can help you build a healthy relationship with time that acts as a constant reminder of the tasks at hand. Even though a smartphone offers a similar function, your timepiece will change your attitude towards time and help you be more productive.

3. Functional

When you are wearing a wristwatch, you have access to different functions right on your wrist. Watches are designed and specialised to improve a wearer’s daily routines whether they are in the air, land, or sea. For instance, dive watches are great for people who are involved in water activities, field watches are best used for military personnel, and aviator watches are great for pilots. Each of them is built to help users tackle different situations in their daily lives. Similarly, smartwatches offer several benefits that can keep you stay fit and improve your health. Did you know that Apple is currently testing newer ways to track health through AirPods?

4. Less distraction

Another great benefit of using a wristwatch is that it reduces distractions for yourself and others around you. Remember, when you look at your phone to see the time, you will also end up checking any messages, notifications, or even scrolling through your social media platforms. While smartphones have made life easier, they are also time-consuming as they can easily serve as a distraction.

A great way to resist such distractions coming from your smartphone is by simply glancing at your wrist to read the time and get back to work. Continuously opening your phone during a meeting or professional setting can be disrespectful, so consider wearing wristwatches in these types of settings.

5. Style

As you know, there are several watches in the market that come in different shapes and sizes suitable for different kinds of people. So whether you are looking for a watch for adventure, sports, or even for formal events, there is one for every option. Watches have been known to enhance your personality as it is an excellent fashion accessory that lifts your wardrobe. So, if you want to display your sense of style, a wristwatch is the perfect device to enhance your appearance.

6. Great heirlooms

A wristwatch is so much more than just a tool that helps you tell time—it can be a quintessential gift that will be passed down through generations. Owning a wristwatch that has been with people who have lived decades ago allows you to remember them wherever you go. It is a legacy, a tradition that you too will pass on to one of your children someday that may even be worth a lot of money in the future. These vintage watches are unique, elegant, stylish, and have a rich history. So, if you don’t have a watch from the past, don’t worry, you can start your own tradition today. 

7. Investment

Watches are unique timepieces made with great precision and craftsmanship. That can cost a lot of money. That’s why, if you are looking for a safe place to invest your money, you should consider purchasing an iconic timepiece or a luxury watch that could help you make a profit in the longer run. Like any other investment, you must do thorough research and understand which type of watch is a perfect fit for your investment. Keep in mind that good quality watches can last several generations if they are taken care of well, so if you are investing in a watch, invest in good watch care too.

Now that you understand the several benefits of using a wristwatch, you can get one for yourself that works perfectly according to your lifestyle. And if you are looking for a modern watch that offers some of the latest technology advancements, you should consider a smartwatch. Stay on top of the latest smartwatch trends by reading these guides, comparisons, and reviews.