Katie Mortimer

Katie Mortimer is a freelance student journalist based in the Midlands. Having spent the last six months of 2022 in a hospital, she’s hoping to get her name out there in the world of cancer. Currently hosting a podcast, ‘You Can’t Scare Me, I’ve Had Cancer,’ Katie’s exploration into multi-media shows her eagerness for the journalism world. Submitting her dissertation and graduating from university while undergoing intensive chemotherapy has provided Katie with a new lease on life. With a background in Linguistics and Communications, her goal is to make a name for herself in Magazine Journalism. As a Nottingham Trent University postgraduate student, she freelances across multiple publications. As the Travel & Lifestyle editor for her university’s magazine, Katie manages writers on a weekly basis as well as contributes to her committee. She also works as a Junior Brand Strategist for the online space Mindless Mag and as a Social Media guru for a local pub. Her content style is anecdotal, with a particular interest in lifestyle, travel and food.

‘If I had known, I would’ve had a wank’: How my cancer diagnosis turned my life upside down

By Katie Mortimer


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