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Gen Zers, millennials and soon Gen Alpha are headed toward becoming some of the most politically engaged generations in recent history, and it’s all about identity and what’s personal. Want to stay ahead of the curve of political discussion? Read about conservative values winning Gen Zers on TikTok.

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Human rights

‘Russia is not an incubator’: Russian women banned from being surrogates for foreigners

The highly-liberal nature of Russia’s surrogacy laws have been under political threat for quite some time now.

By Charlie Sawyer

‘If I had known, I would’ve had a wank’: How my cancer diagnosis turned my life upside down

By Katie Mortimer

From Donald Trump to Matt Hancock, reality TV is ruining democracy one viral show at a time

By Louis Shankar

‘Nobody knew or cared’: The importance of recognising everyone’s Independence Day

By Marcia Veiga

Woman turns her fallopian tubes into a necklace to protest US abortion laws

By Alma Fabiani

UK tenants are dying because of mould infestation: Why is no one listening?

By Alma Fabiani

HelloFresh uses monkey labor for its coconut milk, new PETA investigation reveals

By Charlie Sawyer

Europe’s mental health crisis: Data reveals which country is consuming the most antidepressants

By Charlie Sawyer

Overcoming my opioid addiction: an endometriosis sufferer’s battle

By Sarah Harris

Volume in vasectomies: Experts explain why so many men are getting the snip post Roe v. Wade

By Charlie Sawyer

Republicans in Tennessee propose new bill that would criminalise drag performances

By Charlie Sawyer

How gen Z voters saved the Democrats in the US midterm elections 2022

By Alma Fabiani

World’s tallest living woman finally flies after aeroplane crew makes surprising accommodation

By Charlie Sawyer

Report finds UK police hire criminals and sexual predators while officer resignations continue to rise

By Charlie Sawyer

‘Unlawful and unethical’: UK police urged to ban facial recognition in all public places

By Malavika Pradeep


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