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Everything you need to know about culture. From TikTok influencers and the latest song composed by AI to the new streaming apps and funniest memes, we cover it all. Start your journey into visual cultures by reading about Christian Instagram influencers, adopting your next dog on Zoom and the dark realm of Best Gore.




Internet culture


Toxic masculinity


Drag queen Tia Kofi on dark disco house 80s music, Eurovision 2023, and the US anti-drag agenda

Tia stated: “I think everyone who goes into drag is doing it as an outlet. That’s the main thing: it’s a creative outlet for so many marginalised groups, and anyone who wants to participate in it can do so.”

By Charlie Sawyer

Subject directors Camilla Hall and Jennifer Tiexiera on the darker side of our true-crime fascination

By Simon Bland

Family of innocent man killed over Call of Duty swatting hoax finally receives settlement

By Mason Berlinka

Four clear signs that prove Rick and Morty creator Justin Roiland has always been a creep

By Mason Berlinka

Are the days of rich bad boys over? Season 2 of And Just Like That… is over toxic love interests

By Meehika Barua

Jordan Stephens talks solo music after Rizzle Kicks, men’s mental health, and his children’s book

By Charlie Sawyer

Unpacking Azealia Banks: She probably has beef with your favourite singer

By Mason Berlinka

Fans are not pleased with the Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner romance. And we don’t blame them

By Charlie Sawyer

Understanding the complex nature of toxic femininity through the lens of Winter Love Island 2023

By Róisín Lanigan

Trailer for Jennifer Lawrence’s return to the big screen in No Hard Feelings is giving grooming

By Mason Berlinka

The internet thinks The Kardashian era is nearing its end. We explain the controversy

By Mason Berlinka

First we fell in love with Amelia Dimoldenberg. Now we want her to fall in love with Andrew Garfield

By Charlie Sawyer

Has everyone forgotten about Lena Dunham’s controversial signature brand of problematic feminism?

By Charlie Sawyer

Jenna Ortega spills on Wednesday on-set secrets regarding absurd love triangles and script changes

By Alma Fabiani

Oscars who? Memeable movies like Cocaine Bear and M3GAN bring uncomplicated fun back to the big screen

By Louis Staples


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