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The Future

It’s all about the future, baby. Food is going through a transformation, as is our dating life, our businesses, the way we approach fashion and all the trends that lead the way of development. From digital food to zero waste fashion, one thing is for sure: the future looks bright.







By Malavika Pradeep

January 19, 2022

Elon Musk believes there won’t be enough babies left to populate Mars soon

By Monica Athnasious

January 18, 2022

What do you get when you mix Gucci, SUPERPLASTIC and NFTs? SUPERGUCCI in the metaverse, obviously

By Malavika Pradeep

January 17, 2022

Scientists in Thailand are working on a plant-based vaccine with tobacco leaves to tackle variants

By Francesca Johnson

January 16, 2022

Is carrot oil really the secret ingredient to hair growth?

By Alma Fabiani

January 13, 2022

Futurist expert predicts that children will soon have more than two biological parents

By Monica Athnasious

January 11, 2022

The female dolphin clitoris is similar to a human one, scientists discover

By Svetlana Onye

January 11, 2022

How Willow Smith’s solo polyamory may have paved gen Z’s way into ‘relationship anarchy’

By Amy Hodgetts

January 10, 2022

Why nostalgia is the megatrend of the 2020s

By Anna McLaughlin

January 10, 2022

Master the art of ‘new year, new me’ using behavioural psychology

By Francesca Johnson

January 9, 2022

The threat of the ‘Zoombie’ and how to avoid becoming one if you work from home

By Monica Athnasious

January 8, 2022

The ‘ab crack’: why you shouldn’t try to get Emily Ratajkowski’s body

By Monica Athnasious

January 6, 2022

Would you take ‘poo pills’ to improve your gut health?

By Francesca Johnson

January 5, 2022

Tattoo artists outraged as EU bans colour tattoo inks over cancer concerns

By Malavika Pradeep

January 4, 2022

Scientists have trained goldfishes to drive a mobile aquarium on land

By Malavika Pradeep

January 3, 2022

Are Instagram moms trading their kids’ development for the aesthetics?

By Alma Fabiani

January 2, 2022

Why do couples like to use baby talk and pet names?


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