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The Future

It’s all about the future, baby. Food is going through a transformation, as is our dating life, our businesses, the way we approach fashion and all the trends that lead the way of development. From digital food to zero waste fashion, one thing is for sure: the future looks bright.










Alexander Wang is proof that the fashion industry still values creative genius over its ethics

Here’s everything you need to know about one of the fashion industry’s greatest’s fall from grace, and his eventual absolution.

By Alma Fabiani

From cringe to chrome: Silver is gen Z’s answer to millennial pink

By Jennifer Raymont

Gen Z landlords are using the housing crisis as an influencing tool on TikTok. Is it working?

By Mason Berlinka

Shygirl joins models Jerry Hall and Imaan Hammam for a first look at the Mugler X H&M collaboration

By Jennifer Raymont

Rate My Date: The one with the rattail reveal


The next generation of weight loss drugs: What it’s really like to use Ozempic and Wegovy

By Jack Ramage

A search for perfection: Why does the food in anime look so tasty?

By J'Nae Phillips

What Florence Pugh’s viral sheer looks say about women’s need for body autonomy post Roe v Wade

By Jennifer Raymont

The kids are alright: Inside the burgeoning gen Z raving scene and its quest for empowerment

By Charlie Sawyer

From knockoff guilt to faking it till we make it, dupe culture is on the rise among gen Z

By Jennifer Raymont

Rate My Date: The one where he got roped into a drag performance


Get the look: channel your inner Bella Hadid with these 5 balletcore-inspired fits

By Emma O'Regan-Reidy

It’s time we stop Gwyneth Paltrow from talking publicly about her unhealthy wellness practices

By Charlie Sawyer

FKA Twigs marks the end of the soft launch trend by hard launching her new boyfriend

By Mason Berlinka

Miu Miu’s FW23 collection is giving gen Z office chic, but make it frazzled

By Jennifer Raymont


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