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High Fashion Talk is a community-based cross social media platform with a shared value and interest in high fashion. On Screen Shot, HFT will be exploring different facets of the industry and talking to the people within it to provide you with insight into the glamorous and creative system.

By Alma Fabiani

July 7, 2021

Meet the fashion AI that predicts what people will want to buy and wear in the future

By Monica Athnasious

June 26, 2021

Adopted by Dua Lipa, String Ting’s Y2K phone charms are the next big ting

By Alma Fabiani

June 17, 2021

Victoria’s Secret trades its infamous Angels for inspiring women. Will we fall for it?

By Alma Fabiani

June 16, 2021

When did it become lame to wear Converse x Comme des Garçons PLAY?

By Alma Fabiani

June 14, 2021

The ‘coconut girl’ aesthetic is the official summer 2021 trend we’ve all been waiting for

By Malavika Pradeep

June 12, 2021

What is gorpcore? A Depop seller explains fashion’s obsession with the great outdoors

By Alma Fabiani

June 8, 2021

Cop or not: Balenciaga unveils new Crocs collab featuring stiletto clogs

By Malavika Pradeep

May 26, 2021

Introducing Cruggs, ‘the anti-Christ of footwear’ sweeping the internet

By Monica Athnasious

May 20, 2021

Is ‘ethical’ fashion brand House of Sunny really green?

By Screen Shot

May 13, 2021

5 ways to shop fashion sustainably in 2021

By Emma O'Regan-Reidy

April 2, 2021

How widespread can sustainable fashion really be? We look at Reformation and Ganni for answers

By Alma Fabiani

April 1, 2021

Nike files lawsuit against MSCHF over its Satan Shoes, but what about its Jesus Shoes?

By Alma Fabiani

March 28, 2021

As H&M, Nike and Burberry face backlash in China over Xinjiang cotton, more luxury brands could face boycott

By Alma Fabiani

March 24, 2021

NFTs are bound to take the fashion industry by storm too, here’s why

By Emma O'Regan-Reidy

February 5, 2021

Why is Y2k fashion still trending in 2021? It’s more complicated than you think

By Delilah Kealy Roberts

January 30, 2021

Will fast fashion survive the COVID-19 crisis?


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