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By Malavika Pradeep

Ines Alpha and Madrona Redhawk’s face filter collaboration explores a unique intersection of beauty

In an era synonymous with Snapchat dysmorphia, is it possible to impeach the tyranny of digital beauty standards, instead de-dramatising it for everyone’s access? Enter HUH’s fifth collaboration, bringing together two global creatives to combine their IRL and URL talents to create a 3D makeup face filter that explores an unconventional side of beauty rooted in whimsical fantasies.

By Alma Fabiani

Space race update: Elon Musk’s rocket to go 269 miles further than Jeff Bezos went

Elon Musk’s company SpaceX is set to launch four people into space Wednesday, on a three-day mission that is the first to orbit the Earth with exclusively private citizens. Eat that, Bezos.

By Jack Ramage

What is a blackout tattoo? Here’s why you should think twice before getting one

Blackout tattoos—the bold, opaque style of tattooing—are often thought of as the easy alternative for covering up a tattoo you regret. But you should think twice about the social and cultural implications of getting one, here’s why.

By Monica Athnasious

What is abrosexuality? We asked abrosexual people to explain

The LGBTQIA+ community is vast—it includes a plus sign for a reason. Identities that have never been represented or celebrated before are now making their way into the cultural conversation. One of those underrepresented is abrosexuality.


By Jack Ramage

Until we fix the current way we handle incelism, innocent people will continue to get hurt

The recent incident in Plymouth has shown that extremist incelism is real and unfortunately here to stay. However, labelling such extremists as terrorists is problematic. Until we fix the current way we handle incelism, regarding it as a public health issue, innocent people will continue to be hurt.


By Etan Nechin

In Israel, a ceasefire and a new government don’t mean an end to the bloody status quo

What change can this ‘Change Coalition’ truly bring? A government of vetoes from both sides, focusing on small achievements to civil society instead of ambitious reforms on a national level.

By Jack Ramage

Toe shoes: they’re not just ugly, they’re also bad for your health

Science proves your disgusting toe shoes aren’t doing anything but grossing people out. But analysing how this shoe came to be can teach us a valuable lesson.

By Malavika Pradeep

Digital perms are here to give you beach waves all summer long

Beach babies and theybies, it’s time to leave your $50 three-barrel curling irons at the door because perms are back. Only now, they’ve gone digital.

By Emma O'Regan-Reidy

Why is pop punk making a comeback in 2021?

Pop punk has been a major influence in some of this year’s most iconic albums. But why has it taken almost two decades for there to be a resurgence? Here’s how gen Z is putting their own, unique twist on the style and music genre.

By Alma Fabiani

People think they’ve found Matt Damon’s secret Instagram account

Online sleuths say they’ve discovered the movie star’s private Instagram profile—which is allegedly an anagram of his name.

By Jack Ramage

Scientist warns a bad solar storm could spark an ‘internet apocalypse’

A new study postulates that a severe solar storm could cause significant damage to underwater cables—leaving large swathes of society offline for weeks or even months.

By Malavika Pradeep

Tired of dating self-absorbed men? China’s butler cafes have got you covered

Chinese women, fed up with dating self-absorbed men, are now fuelling a booming industry in the quest of finding a man who actually listens. Enter butler cafes, China’s hottest rental service offering attentive male company—for a fee.

By Monica Athnasious

Lookout BTS ARMY, China’s suspending K-pop fan accounts on Weibo

The latest in China’s major banning crackdown—you can already say goodbye to late-night gaming and femininity in men—is the suspension of 22 K-pop accounts on its social media site Weibo. Could this be farewell to celebrity culture in China?

By Monica Athnasious

Amazon to expand in-person healthcare service Amazon Care to 20 more US locations

Amazon’s telehealth service (first announced in 2019)—dubbed Amazon Care—will reportedly be expanded in 2022 to a total of 20 major cities in the US. Could this be the future of all healthcare?

By Jack Ramage

NASA’s Perseverance rover just got its first piece of Mars rock

NASA’s Perseverance rover, the most complex mechanism in space, just bagged itself its first ever piece of rock from Mars. The achievement has been dubbed monumental by many scientists hoping the rock will teach us more about the planet.

By Alma Fabiani

Facebook apologies after its AI labels black men ‘primates’

Facebook users who watched a newspaper video featuring black men were asked if they wanted to “keep seeing videos about primates” by one of the platform’s artificial intelligence recommendation systems.

By Malavika Pradeep

China is banning ‘effeminate’ men from media to promote masculinity

The Chinese government is increasingly cracking down on culture and business following President Xi Jinping’s call for a “national rejuvenation.” Joining video games, gambling, cryptocurrency and sports is now a ban on who the country has labelled ‘Niang Pao’—which literally translates to “female weapons.”

By Alma Fabiani

Jeff Bezos is reportedly funding Altos Labs, a new anti-ageing venture aiming to cheat death

Altos Labs’ research could help increase human lifespans by up to 50 years. Understandably, Jeff Bezos wants a piece of that.



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