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By Malavika Pradeep

Citizen app is paying New Yorkers $25 an hour to livestream crime scenes

Have you ever wanted to be a ‘friendly’ neighbourhood vigilante on a payroll? How about one of those bystanders who whip out their phones to film a crime scene before calling the police? Crime tracking app Citizen is now soliciting applications for disaster streamers, making it a controversial substitute for local journalism.

By Monica Athnasious

A breakdown of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics scandals from racism to sexual assault

As the Tokyo Olympics 2020 kick-off a year later than expected, the games have been tainted with scandal after scandal. Here’s a breakdown of all the controversies so far (to be continued).

By Malavika Pradeep

How are internet aesthetics and subcultures created? Two Aesthetics Wiki members explain

What are aesthetics and subcultures exactly? Is there a difference between the two? If so, what should we—as both the audience and the creator—know before jumping on one? In a bid to clear out the basics, we asked two active members of the internet’s “one-stop shop” for aesthetics and subcultures to explain.

By Alma Fabiani

Santhosh George Kulangara is about to become India’s first space tourist

His voyage to space might have happened a lot sooner but the space programme found itself riddled with setbacks including failed launches and a pandemic to contend with.


By Etan Nechin

In Israel, a ceasefire and a new government don’t mean an end to the bloody status quo

What change can this ‘Change Coalition’ truly bring? A government of vetoes from both sides, focusing on small achievements to civil society instead of ambitious reforms on a national level.


By Louis Shankar

The latest TERF controversy is the perfect example of how cancel culture can backfire

The Royal Academy of Arts is under fire from trans exclusionary radical feminists for removing Jess de Whals’ work after receiving multiple complaints about transphobic comments she made. What does it say about trans rights in today’s anti-woke landscape?

By Malavika Pradeep

Gen Z is obsessed with tone indicators on TikTok. Here’s a mini guide on how to use them

Tired of putting exclamation marks after every text to convey your enthusiasm? Enter tone indicators, a revolutionary communication tool that speaks volumes on platforms you physically cannot.

By Monica Athnasious

What is a tradwife? A wholesome 1950s housewife or white supremacist?

You’ve probably come across a lovely woman baking banana bread, maybe giving DIY tips for other homes or even packing her kid’s lunch on social media. That woman might have been a tradwife. Here’s everything you need to know about the booming trend.

By Jack Ramage

What is a gymcel? And why is the term problematic?

A gymcel is just another branch of the incel tree, described as a male who takes gym way too seriously and normally has nothing to show for it. The mostly online subculture has strong anti-feminist and mysogintic values, here’s why it’s so problematic not only online but offline too.

By Alma Fabiani

How successful is #TikTokResumes so far and which companies are hiring through it?

Trying to find a job is its own special kind of hell. Imagine what it feels like for the new generation of workers then. Could TikTok resumes be the answer to all your problems? We looked into it for you.

By Alma Fabiani

Who counts as an astronaut? Not Jeff Bezos, says new US policy

FAA’s new rule tightens regulations on who qualifies for its official astronaut wings, and Jeff Bezos does not seem to hit the mark. Who’s going to tell him?

By Malavika Pradeep

Introducing tulpamancy, the internet subculture creating imaginary friends as lifelong companions

What if you could share the same body as your BFF? Introducing tulpamancy, an online community of imaginary friend hobbyists living all of our childhood dreams via Tibetan mysticism.

By Alma Fabiani

Instagram now offers an instant translation feature on Stories

Instagram will now offer an instant translation feature right in Stories, allowing users to translate text on Stories they’re viewing with just a couple of clicks.

By Alma Fabiani

The Aram Live: an evening of ease, comfort and joy hosted by Tahmina Begum

Taking place on 4 August at Selina’s in Camden, The Aram Live will consist of a guided wellbeing and collage therapy workshop, a curated dinner, and soothing after-dinner entertainment.

By Jack Ramage

Why do we see faces in inanimate objects?

Ever wondered why you see faces in inanimate objects? Facial pareidolia is the psychological concept used to label the tendency for us to impose meaningful interpretations on a nebulous stimulus—in other words, we see faces in random objects. But there’s more to this phenomenon than meets the eye.

By Alma Fabiani

The top 3 Stanley Cup upsets in NHL history

The Stanley Cup is the annual trophy that the winning team of the National Hockey League takes home every year. Here's a top 3 of its biggest moments.

By Monica Athnasious

Texas Senate votes to remove that the KKK is ‘morally wrong’ from its curriculum

As the attack on critical race theory in education continues, Texas has found itself once again in hot water after reports revealed the state doesn’t want to teach students that the KKK is “morally wrong.”

By Alma Fabiani

New law could see journalists jailed as spies for causing the government embarrassment

The UK government’s latest attempt at curbing down whistleblowers—presumably after the shock that was Matt Hancock’s secret affair—is to jail them for up to 14 years. Oh, and Priti Patel is behind it.



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