By Harriet Piercy

Why I have muted the woke brigade

Here are my personal thoughts on how being woke is doing more harm than good, righteousness stops people listening, and how only having a sense of humour can save the world.


By Alma Fabiani

Conspiracy theories were bound to happen

Do you tend to blame stupid and easily influenced people for the impressive amount of conspiracy theories there is online? What if QAnon, #TrumpCovidHoax and other conspiracy theories were simply part of a larger and unavoidable authority crisis created by the internet?

By Alma Fabiani

From live streamed suicides to accidental teen deaths, here’s the dark side of TikTok

It took TikTok 3 hours to warn police of a suicide that was live streamed on the app and a few days to delete a video of a man committing suicide. Why is TikTok so bad at moderating this kind of content?

By Harriet Piercy

What does No Nut November really mean for people with a penis?

Every time November comes around, so do some very intense and potentially painful rules for many. What is No Nut November?

By Harriet Piercy

Nokia to build a 4G network on the moon for NASA

NASA is en route to making the moon more sustainably habitable for humans over longer periods of time, here’s how.

By Bianca Borissova

Thinking of getting into sex work? Centro University might just be for you

Centro University is the world’s first free university aiming to teach you everything you need in order to succeed and thrive as a sex worker online.









By Alma Fabiani

Presidential debate commission will mute candidates’ mics at start of each segment

For Thursday's next presidential debate, candidates will have their microphones muted when the other is giving an opening statement.

By Harriet Piercy

A Takashi Murakami treasure hunt will start next weekend in Paris

If you’re a fan of Japanese contemporary artist Takashi Murakami, then book your tickets to Paris next weekend. You may just walk away with one of his artworks!

By Alma Fabiani

NASA warns an asteroid is headed towards Earth before Election Day

The celestial object, known as 2018VP1, is predicted to pass near Earth one day before the US presidential election on 2 November. It only has 0.41 per cent chance of hitting our planet.

By Harriet Piercy

What is Artificial General Intelligence, and how far away are we from it?

Experts within the field of artificial intelligence continue to debate on when, how or why AI might become part of a human’s daily life, but do we really understand ourselves enough to mimic it into machinery?


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By Alma Fabiani

Who was behind the leak of celebrity nude photos, the Fappening?

You may remember the Fappening, also known as Celebgate, when an anonymous hacker leaked naked pictures of more than 100 celebs, from Rihanna to Jennifer Lawrence. But do you actually know the man who was behind it?

By Alma Fabiani

Get ready to go back on virtual dates with these fun virtual date ideas

Lockdown is back, and along with it, so are virtual dates! As daunting as this may sound, here are a few tips on fun activities you could do while on a virtual date.

By Rebecca Siggers

8 fun and interesting facts about cannabis

Since ancient times, potheads have come up with some funny yet strange facts about cannabis. Here are 8 true fun facts about weed you've most likely never heard of before.

By Marcia Veiga

Could sound therapy’s comeback be the solution to seasonal depression?

Sound bowls have made a comeback on social media, from TikTok to Instagram. Could sound therapy be the solution to seasonal depression?