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The pros and cons of using a female condom

Have you ever thought about using a female condom? If so, here is more information on how to use it as well as its pros and cons.


Sleep naked, it’ll make you happier. Here’s why

We all sleep. And while for some, falling (and staying) asleep is easier than for others, we can all agree that comfort is key. Here’s why sleeping naked will make you sleep like a baby.

Are YouTubers being paid to promote Chinese propaganda? Here’s everything we know

In recent years, there has been a lot of research conducted on whether the Chinese government may be using social media to spread pro-China propaganda. There are recent claims that they may be funding international YouTubers to further propagate this narrative. Here is everything we know about it, and why China may be turning to internet culture to spread its message.

MeowTalk is the app that lets you translate what your cat says

Former Amazon Alexa engineer Javier Sanches has launched MeowTalk, a translation app for cats. Here’s how it works.

Women on Bumble are using the dating app to find Capitol rioters and tip the FBI

Multiple women used the dating app Bumble following the attack on the US Capitol to lure unsuspecting rioters and turn them over to the FBI.

How tech can transform the fashion industry’s supply chain

As the fashion industry has grown over the years, companies have had to show how quickly they can adapt. Luckily, technology is helping the industry along the way. High-tech, efficient, and sustainable supply chains are now more realistic than ever.









Foreign rough-sleepers could be deported from the UK

The Home Office has talked of becoming a more "fair, humane and compassionate" department. Immediately scrapping this cruel rule on rough sleeping would be a good place to start.

Teens are breaking taboos surrounding vaginal discharge one tweet at a time

Let’s start talking about taboo topics, because that’s the only way to break them. What is vaginal discharge, and why is it so important to understand?

The impeachment diaries: a recap of everything that happened after the Capitol riots

One term. Two impeachments. That about sums up President Trump’s diary entries for 2021. Let’s dive deeper into these now, shall we?

The Supreme Court just passed the first anti-abortion decision of the Amy Coney Barrett era

This first anti-abortion decision warns of a dark future for abortion and women’s rights as it is unlikely to be the last decision from this Supreme Court restricting reproductive choice.


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How Armie Hammer’s cannibal sexual kinks set the internet on fire

Screenshots claiming to be of messages from the actor recently spread across the internet, detailing his sexual kinks that include BDSM and even cannibalism. Is this even true, and should we care?

New study proves that robots can show empathy… towards other robots

A robot has shown a glint of empathy towards a fellow robot. How is this possible, and does this then mean that robots will soon truly be able to think for themselves?

What are plantfluencers? Here’s everything you need to know about their rise to stardom

Plantfluencers are not your average gardeners on Instagram feeds. From ‘shelf-care’ to life coaching, here’s how these new-age influencers are making waves on social media.

Ben & Jerry’s launches ice cream for dogs

No more giving your dogs the ‘don’t even think about it’ look, because Ben & Jerry’s has created an ice cream that they’re allowed to eat. What’s in it exactly?