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Human rights

New report reveals that the Met Police is rotten and riddled with toxic cultures. Can anything be done?

By Alma Fabiani

Post-Roe witch hunt begins: Woman charged for taking abortion pills in South Carolina

By Alma Fabiani

3 inspiring women fighting for change and awareness this Endometriosis Awareness Month 2023

By Sarah Harris

I hate it here: The SCREENSHOT team on how the rental crisis is impacting gen Zers

By Charlie Sawyer

Industrial action is at an all time high: What would happen if we all went on strike?

By Jack Ramage

Washington state to pass bill which will protect the wallets of child influencers from their parents

By Charlie Sawyer

Parents of the woman who claims to be Madeleine McCann reveal the truth behind recent viral news

By Charlie Sawyer

Malcolm X’s family to sue CIA, FBI and NYPD for his assassination. Why now, and what for?

By Mason Berlinka

Who is Julia Wandelt? Woman comes forward claiming to be missing Madeleine McCann

By Charlie Sawyer

Everything that’s wrong with the recent narrative surrounding the disappearance of Nicola Bulley

By Charlie Sawyer

Trapped civilians turn to social media following the catastrophic earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

By Charlie Sawyer

Students to sue Florida Governor Ron DeSantis following ban of African American studies course

By Alma Fabiani

New Tennessee law requires drunk drivers who kill parents to pay for child support

By Alma Fabiani

How the mainstream media’s reframing of the truth is causing an erosion of human empathy

By Ozge Sargin

Stealthing, downblousing, marital rape: The new terms that will empower sexual assault victims in 2023

By Charlie Sawyer

How street artist Júlio Fessô is redefining murals as Brazil’s new form of political activism

By Marcia Veiga


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