Svetlana Onye

Svetlana Onye (also known under the writing moniker 'Her Tempest Tongue') is a singer, writer and founder of educational platform Not Actually Radical. She is the Writer in Residence for the online publication Distinguished Diva and her works can also be found in (Re)imagining Peace + Justice. A recent postgraduate in the Politics of Conflict, Rights and Justice, her work focuses on unlearning social norms, challenging ideas and liberation.

‘Rules are made to be broken’: Meet the BDSM dominatrixes destroying archaic ideas of femininity

By Svetlana Onye

Platonic marriages are marking the end of the nuclear family as we know it

By Svetlana Onye

How Willow Smith’s solo polyamory may have paved gen Z’s way into ‘relationship anarchy’

By Svetlana Onye


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