30 memes that shook the internet after the release of ‘Stranger Things’ season 4 – Screen Shot
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30 memes that shook the internet after the release of ‘Stranger Things’ season 4

Disclaimer: This article includes ‘Stranger Things’ season 4 spoilers. If you’re someone who stopped watching the show in its third instalment, I recommend you to stay in the armpit, that is Mike Wheeler’s basement. If you’re caught up, however, proceed in an orderly fashion into the Watergate.

Ever since that girl Barb died a few years ago, it has been one thing after another in Hawkins. Set in the spring of 1986, six months after the Battle of Starcourt, the gang is now struggling with its aftermath as Eleven (Jane “El” Hopper)—played by Millie Bobby Brown—moves to California with the Byers. Having lost her powers, El struggles to adapt to her new life as she gets bullied by her classmates—something she keeps hidden from her boyfriend, Mike Wheeler.

Back home, Max Mayfield continues to mourn the loss of her stepbrother, Billy Hargrove, while Lucas Sinclair joins as a benchwarmer on the Hawkins High basketball team to aid his popularity in school. As Mike and Dustin Henderson become a proud part of the Dungeons & Dragons group, Hellfire Club, a new supernatural threat surfaces—one that sends the entire town reeling in horror as victims are left with their bones snapped and eyes gouged out.

Among high-pitched audio distortions and menacing background scores, Stranger Things season 4 is back with a new instalment of the Hawkins curse. Released three years after its announcement, audiences were bestowed with a much-alive Jim Hopper, a fresh heartthrob, a Barb cameo, a new sleep paralysis demon, adorable Dusteve dynamics, rekindled romance and an ‘extra sus’ character development of Will Byers. Oh, and we can’t forget the internet’s reaction to all of this.

Here are 30 of the best Stranger Things season 4 memes that are guaranteed to last you till its second volume drops with two new episodes on 1 July 2022:

1. The ‘Family Guy’ crossover we don’t deserve

2. Voldemort 🤝 Vecna

3. “Always the goddamn babysitter”

4. Are we going to talk about Will’s gay panic at the airport?

5. Nothing ‘Purple Palm Tree Delight’ can’t fix


6. *squelching intensifies*

[deleted by user]
by in StrangerThings

7. Kate Bush supremacy

8. Bangers only

9. 001 deserved more screen time, period.

10. Don’t forget the roller skates

11. A new bar of friendship

12. We did get to see green paint on the canvas but…

13. … I’m 100 per cent convinced this is what Will painted

For anyone wondering what Will painted. You’re welcome.
by u/DeCurt1998 in StrangerThings

14. Here’s something you can’t unsee

15. “I can fix him”

16. Choose your fighter

17. ‘Gravity Falls’ X ‘Stranger Things’

18. Let’s not jinx things now, shall we?

19. The Wandafication of Eleven

20. Me and who?

21. It’s been two seasons, come on Steve!

22. All evil must have a home


23. This is peak meme culture

24. Two best friends chilling in a junkyard, five feet apart cuz they’re…

25. Quick, take notes

26. A comfort character

27. Robin Buckley deserves a raise at Family Video after this

28. Saved you a click, you’re welcome

29. Demogorgeous

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30. Binge watching, with a capital B

30 memes that shook the internet as Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars

Every time the Oscars roll around, there seems to be endless scandal after endless scandal but let’s be honest—this year definitely takes the cake. Following an incredibly distasteful joke made by comedian and host Chris Rock at the expense of Jada Pinkett-Smith, Oscar nominee Will Smith proceeded to storm the stage and slap the presenter live on air. He then went on to yell, “Keep my wife’s name out your fucking mouth” from his seat. The so-called ‘joke’ was, in fact, a cheap shot at Pinkett-Smith’s bald head—a result of her medical condition, alopecia.

The moment, of course, took the internet by storm—with many celebrating Smith’s defence of his wife. Here are some of the best memes and reactions to Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the 94th Oscars:


We know for a fact this moment is going to end up on one of those random videos you watch on YouTube at 3 am and it’ll probably be titled ‘12 most shocking award show moments’—safe to say this year might definitely take the top spot.


Got to love a No Way Home meme with our favourite Spider-Man.



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Forget Marvel, we love any reference we can get when it comes to Encanto’s the Madrigal family.


Nothing beats this José Mourinho meme classic.


Drake somewhere in the studio right now
by u/Throwem_a_poem in funny

Uhh, does Drake even write his own music anymore?



I can’t believe that just happened #fyp #xyzbca #viral

♬ original sound - Jade🦉

Chris Rock was too stunned to speak.


This is officially an Andrew Garfield stan page as this sneaky moment of him on his phone has the internet obsessed. In fact, this snap of him alone (post-slapdown) became the meme of the night. Was the social media recluse secretly stalking the feeds for some comedy commentary on the drama? We’re hedging our bets that he’s as messy as we are.



"Coming this Summer"
by u/Curhouse in funny

The switch-up between his laughter and slap is exactly why Will Smith deserved his Oscar.



Idk. I’m just really in tune with my feelings these days #oscars #oscarsathome #willsmith #empath

♬ Orinoco Flow (Sail Away) [Single Version] - Enya

Nothing hits the spot like an empath TikTok joke. If you know you know… If you don’t, well, you’re clearly not on the right side of the app.



god damnit
by u/sebet_123 in dankmemes

Are you starting to get annoyed yet? Well, buckle up, you’re in for a few more.



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Will Smith a vessel for love
by in WhitePeopleTwitter



Like HELLO!!?! What’s in the air tonight? Lmaooo #greenscreen #OscarsAtHome #beyoncé #willsmith #oscars #fyp

♬ original sound - TBK

We’re not going to see Queen B for a while now, are we? This is why she doesn’t leave the house.



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We’re halfway there so let’s take a small break now. Among the saturation of commentary online about the slap of the century, there are many who woke up this morning without a scooby about what went down—nor did they care. To be fair, they probably are in the right, seeing as how those who are typically obsessed with celebrities are reportedly less intelligent—doesn’t bode well for us now, does it?




Took him a minute
by u/GymbagDarrel in memes



I’m just gonna save everybody the trouble 😌 #Oscars2022

♬ original sound - Rynn (They/She)


Oh, that's hot. That's hot.
by u/Jesse_Killz in memes


Looks like Euphoria Sundays are here to stay with the messiness of last night… Will ran onto that stage to slap the fuck out of Cassie—sorry, Chris.


Just living through historical moments everyday, no big deal.


Nobody wants to hear any hot-takes about Will Smith’s ‘display of violence’ at the show, not when predators, abusers and accused rapists have a plethora of shiny gold trophies to go around—I mean hello? Harvey Weinstein, Roman Polanski, Woody Allen, Casey Affleck and not to mention the accusations resurfacing around Jared Leto who won an Oscar for his role in Dallas Buyers Club. There are no calls to strip them of their Oscars but then again, they have one thing in common… they’re white.



My grandmother getting technical about punches and slaps #oscars #willsmith #chrisrock #oscarslap #OscarsAtHome #UnsealTheMeal #InstaxChallenge #WomenOwnedBusiness #BridgertonScandal

♬ original sound - Janine

This adorable grandmother is living for Smith’s defence of his wife.


Man, I just woke up. Don't cancel me.
by u/saurish_n in memes

Another one for the people who don’t care, we see you and we respect you.


After last night, it looks like Rock’s going to lay low for a while… 


This. This right here is the best joke I’ve seen all day and if you’re a Wendy Williams fan then you’ll agree—her hilarious and controversial commentary on everything celebrity has been sorely missed. Williams, who has been dealing with a plethora of serious health issues, has taken a break from her hosting duties but has vowed to return despite her show’s cancellation. And if she were on air, she would have most definitely, in her classic walking-meme-way, said ‘clap if you would have slapped him’. I can almost hear it.


Strange Timeline
by in memes

We can’t say no to another Marvel reference.


Samuel L. Jackson must know some shit…



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We couldn’t help ourselves but include a reaction from the man himself after all the drama. Safe to say, they’re leaning into it. Now we just have to stay tuned for Red Table Talk, obviously.