Introducing our Sensitivity Stickers

Don't let the news of the world dictate your mental health. Let your mental health dictate the news in your world.

We know just how much of an impact the negative news of the world can have on our mood, anxiety levels and overall mental health. Sometimes, it feels like this sense of dread is almost unshakeable.

That's where the Sensitivity Stickers come in, our own gentle way of warning you about topics you might not want to hear about without us making the final decision for you.


The Sensitivity Stickers act as a caution to you, our loyal readers and followers, on the nature of a specific piece of content before you even engage with it. Think of them as revisited labels that go beyond the surface-level trigger warnings.

So far, we've curated three distinct feelings or emotive reactions that could arise from consuming sensitive content and categorised them under easy-to-spot Stickers—warning you before you click or swipe.


The Doomism Sticker references that ‘end-of-the-world' type of content we're all too familiar with nowadays—content that can often ignite anxiety-inducing feelings of impending doom. So, if you find you've had enough depressing news for one day, this little Sticker will guide you away from all things doom and gloom.

Feelings linked to this Sticker:

Impending doom, anxiety, fear, uncertainty, depression, anger, guilt


The Kuebiko Sticker takes inspiration from the Japanese term of the same name, which refers to a state of complete fatigue as response to the world's senseless acts of violence. Curated with intersectionality at the forefront, this Sticker warns of the traumatic exhaustion that can result from seeing oppressive assaults against marginalised peoples daily.

Feelings linked to this Sticker:

Oppression, unfairness, exhaustion, anger, frustration, defeat, fear, guilt, anxiety, depression

Continuing Alarm

The Continuing Alarm Sticker is designed to represent the psychological cycle of living with physical, sexual, emotional or medical trauma. Consciously made with survivors of abuse in mind, this Sticker aims to prevent the paralysing, painful shock in content that sets the sirens off again.

Feelings linked to this Sticker:

Danger, vulnerability, disgust, frustration, self-consciousness, emotionally and physically overwhelmed


On our website

Look out for our tags on our article pages, just above the content body.

On our socials

Look out for our tags on the top left corner of our posts! You can also find +info on our IG story highlights.

Did we miss something?

We created these three initial Sensitivity Stickers as part of just a first attempt in moderating content accordingly. As inclusive as we tried to be, we're also very aware that we might have missed something along the way.

That's why we want to make this new approach to news consumption as collaborative and ever-evolving as possible. If you think we should add a new Sticker or have any feedback regarding the current ones, please let us know and we'll do our best to update them to reflect your growing needs. Feel free to submit your feedback below.