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5 best cannabis strains that will help you improve focus

By Grace Hawkins

Sep 19, 2020


Concentration is the key to achieving short and long term goals. Without putting your mind and body into the task, you are less likely to finish it. Most of the people give in to distractions and procrastinate the crucial things. In case you find trouble concentrating on the essential, you must look out for some healthy alternatives. One such solution that improves your focus without incorporating side effects is cannabis. You can get your hands on different types of cannabis strains, be it THC-dominant or CBD-dominant ones. However, there are specific strains that help in increasing your concentration levels.

Here are the top cannabis strains that enhance the focus and improve the brain pathways in no time. Just remember that each strain will have its own potency and effects. Read up on different dispensaries (from places like Distillate Direct and their reviews) and how they can differ from other marijuana shops. This will give you a better idea of the quality of strains you can buy.


Cannabis strains possess the ability to fetch the much-needed focus and enhance your productivity. One such THC-dominant variety that aids in better concentration is the Cinex variety. In case you feel dizzy even after consuming your morning coffee, you might take refuge in the Sativa strains like this. It contains high levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that can aid in top-notch creativity. Along with this, you might be able to control the racing thoughts better after its consumption. With the energetic appeal and pleasant mood, you are likely to put your own energy into the work.


Cinex strain is a potent analgesic and controls a variety of pains. You are likely to obtain relief from painful sensations related to arthritis and migraine. It also helps in alleviating some psychiatric disorders like depression, bipolar disorder, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.


Another CBD-rich strain that incorporates better focus and motivation is the harlequin variety. It is a Sativa-dominant strain and helps in finishing the work much faster and in an efficient manner. With the CBD to THC ratio of 5:2, the variety also possesses some extravagant health benefits. Apart from fetching more focus, it can also prevent you from brain inflammations like meningitis and encephalitis. It is due to the ability to this strain’s ability to induce a calming effect coupled up with a relaxing high feeling.


Harlequin has top-notch anti-inflammatory properties. Due to the high levels of cannabidiol, it can help control the exaggerated response of the immune system in your body. With Sativa’s goodness, the strain may help in inducing relief from anxiety and uplifts your mood in no time.

Green crack

If you’re looking for the perfect balance of energetic appeal and cerebral high, then the green crack strain is the right choice. Green crack is the cannabis strain previously known as cush and arises from the Sativa species. It enhances your focus and increases the perception via the route of senses. Being dominant in cannabidiol, it also boasts extraordinary health-related effects on the body. You might go for this strain when you’re sleep-deprived and need to work on urgent stuff. Make sure to limit the usage as the variety is likely to increase anxiety when consumed at high levels.


Green crack helps in uplifting your mood and heightens your sense of perceptions. That way, you can focus on the work at hand. It also increases the creativity levels and enables you to focus on the minute details of things. Hence, the strain increases the quality of your work.

Mother’s helper

The cannabis varieties containing equal amounts of cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol are excellent sources of salubrity. It is due to the health benefits of CBD coupled up with the calming effects of THC. The mother’s helper is a hybrid cannabis strain and contains both Sativa and Indica in equivalent amounts. You are likely to experience the holistic effects of high CBD content in the strain. Along with this, it can increase your mental space and gives you that extra energy to overcome challenging tasks. Not only the day-time, but this strain may also help maintain the right amount of focus during the all-nighters.


The strain fills your mind with contentment and can make you feel happy. As your mood uplifts, you are more likely to concentrate on the crucial things. It may also help in alleviating physical ailments like migraine, chronic body aches, and cramps.

True OG

Every person prone to anxiety wishes to attain peace and slow down the thoughts. If you’re someone who can’t bear with the racing thoughts, then True OG is the right strain. It may aid in controlling the cognitive functions and keeps anxious thoughts at bay. Along with this, you might experience better focus and minimal distractions after consuming this variety. With high levels of terpenes like Myrcene and Limonene, it can control the depressive thoughts. Also, the strain is rich in CBD and boasts some extravagant health benefits like alleviating inflammatory responses.


True OG contains mood-altering effects and alleviating psychiatric conditions like depression and anxiety up to a great extent. Hence, you can focus on work without any distractions. It may also control physical pains due to a variety of systemic illnesses like arthritis and migraines. As the body distractions subside, you can focus on the task at hand.

Bottom line

Performance and focus go hand-in-hand and require the perfect balance to excel in the tasks. You might not excel in your work without focus, and the performance increases due to the same. To increase your performance, you must improve your focus. For such purposes, cannabis strains prove to be a miracle. You can fetch the right cannabis strains and increase the concentration levels in no time. Whether it’s the goodness of Sativa or the nutritional values of Indica, you must try them all. Some effective cannabis strains are Harlequin, Cinex, and True OG. You might also consider the other focus-enhancing strains like Mother’s helper and Green crack.