Lois Freeman

Lois Freeman is a 23-year-old freelance writer specialising in art, fashion and culture. Lois has worked for the art publication Gatekeeper Magazine, Gen Z culture and entertainment publisher SCREENSHOT and the fashion publication 5' ELEVEN" Magazine. Her work has been published globally, both in print and online. She is specifically interested in writing in-depth pieces discussing mental health, food and body image, and gender politics—utilising interviews to uncover shocking social issues and give platform to unheard voices. Her personal work, which focuses largely on the interconnection between food, the body, and culture, can be found on her blog: www.loisfreeman.com

The ugly path to freedom: How I finally ended my teenage eating disorder

By Lois Freeman

From war zones to fashion runways: Model agencies exposed for recruiting women in refugee camps

By Lois Freeman

It’s a brutal industry: 5 top models reveal the reality and horrors of modelling

By Lois Freeman


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