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How to make a homemade Christmas cracker, and what to put in it

By Harriet Piercy

Dec 13, 2020


It’s that time of year again! By now, you may be well in tune with the long lost Christmas songs of last year, you may have even dusted out the tinsel and put the tree up in its assertive homely position. Or, you may be wearing your dark glasses and earplugs, shielding from it all! Either way, Christmas is almost here and it’s time to get ready for the feasting, the family and finer seasonal details! One of these details is the infamous Christmas cracker, you can’t forget about it. This year, we want you to do things a little differently—because why not, it’s 2020? Here’s how to make your own Christmas crackers, and what to put in them.

What you will need to make a Christmas cracker

Keep all the toilet rolls tubes that you would have otherwise chucked in the bin, you’ll need a few of those! It doesn’t matter how many, that just depends on how many people you’d like to make some crackers for.

Apart from toilet roll tubes, you’ll also need wrapping paper (you can use any paper, newspaper, book pages, painted paper, get creative!), sticky tape, cracker snaps (not necessary unless you want the bang), scissors, a string or ribbon, and a few small exciting things to put inside your crackers.

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Armed with cracker snappers and toilet rolls! #homemadechristmascrackers #plasticfree #crapfree

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Ideas for Christmas cracker presents

I like to make my Christmas crackers a little more like a present and less like a cheap throwaway accessory. Check what they have in some sustainable stores near you, maybe some little wooden teaspoons? They are always useful, and they’re cheap. Maybe some lipstick or lip balm—what about eye shadow? Mascara? Think of little things that will be useful to whoever will open the crackers. A roll of film? Maybe even a nice pen? A ball of nutmeg or a sachet of mixed spice? You get the gist.

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Look at these gorgeous cracker gifts! With thanks to The Eco Witch, Seedball, Hogwash soaps, Sandangels Organics, The Tiny Marmalade Company, and South Devon Chilli Farm. Which one would you like to get? 🤔 #ecofriendly #ecofriendlygifts #sustainableliving #christmascrackers #ecochristmas

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How to make a Christmas cracker

First off, get your toilet roll tube and place it in the middle of the paper you’d like to wrap your cracker in. Hold it in place with some sticky tape. If you’re using cracker snaps, line one of them up from one end of the paper, through the tube, and out to the other side of the paper.

Roll the paper around the tube and secure it with a few bits of tape so that the tube doesn’t wiggle around. You should have a longer tube of paper in a roll now, open on either end, with the tube somewhere in the middle.

Find the end on one side of the tube, and squish the paper at the end of it down. You can give it a light twist, or shape it however you want so that the cracker has a nice ‘neck’ to it. Think bow tie. Then, tie a piece of your string or ribbon around the neck so that it holds in place, cut off the straggly bits of the knot or make a bow with the string.

You should have one end of the cracker open still, so that you can drop your little presents into the cracker. Then do just that, drop them in! Seal the end the same way you did on the other side, with a nice neck and all. Et voila!

You have just made your own Christmas cracker. It’s so much more fun than buying the plastic, wasteful and overpriced store-bought ones. We are going to have a sustainable and personalised Christmas this year, because I think all of us need a little special tender loving care. Will you get on board with this too?

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Christmas crackers finished by our second eldest son, with a holly leaf 🎅🎄 Happy Christmas #christmasdecoration #christmasday #homemadechristmascrackers #happychristmas

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Christmas cracker jokes

If you love the bad Christmas cracker jokes that come in bought crackers as much as I do, then we’re already friends. Here are a few 2020 inspired ideas to slip into your homemade crackers. I didn’t make these up by the way, but I’ll take the credit for finding them.

“What do you call a line of men waiting for a haircut? A barbeque.”

“What do Donald Trump’s presidency and your advent calendar have in common? Both their days are numbered.”

“Why doesn’t the guy like to wear a mask? He said it lowers his maskulinity.”

“What did Santa do when he went speed dating? He pulled a cracker.”

“They said gloves and a mask would be enough to go to the supermarket. They lied, everyone else had their clothes on.”

“What do you call a chicken staring at a lettuce? A chicken sees a salad.”

Okay, that’s enough. Merry Christmas babes!