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Simon Bland

Simon is a freelance entertainment journalist based up North. He's spent the better part of the last decade interviewing actors, directors, and pop-culture icons and sharing those interviews with some of the most popular print and online publications going, including The Guardian, The Independent, Rolling Stone UK, The iPaper, Little White Lies, Total Film, Yahoo Entertainment, The Telegraph and many more. He once asked Sofia Coppola what Bill Murray whispered to Scarlett Johansson at the end of 'Lost in Translation' and got Greg Daniels to reveal the time he had to stop the writers on 'The Office' from killing Michael Scott. He's reunited casts for in-depth oral histories and invited bona-fide movie icons to reflect on their most beloved work in touching retrospectives. Always striving to improve his writing, Simon has worked with a number of different outlets in both the UK and the US, and appeared as part of BAFTA's voting juries. He runs his own what's-on website in Manchester, and has even delivered guest lectures on film journalism to students at local universities, imparting whatever knowledge he has to the pop-culture-obsessed hopefuls of tomorrow.

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