Book reveals embarrassing STD tests on Trump’s Apprentice as interviews with Logan Paul airs

By Abby Amoakuh

Published Jun 14, 2024 at 01:23 PM

Reading time: 2 minutes


Welcome back to our weekly recap of the latest news related to the 2024 US presidential election. Are you excited? Because we got new political tea to spill this week, and it’s hotter than the temperatures at that infamous Donald Trump rally in Arizona.

First, we’ll be taking a look at Donald Trump’s former gig as the main judge of the hit reality TV series The Apprentice, then we’ll be diving into where some of his campaign funds seem to disappear to, and to round things up, we’ll be taking a look at Logan Paul’s links to the former US president. So without further ado, let’s get into it.

STD tests for The Apprentice contestants

According to TMZ, contestants on Donald Trump’s old NBC reality show The Apprentice were tested for many bizarre things, including, get ready for this…. sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Apparently, it turns out that Trump wasn’t actually the person who requested genitalia tests for his contestants. Rather, it was the show’s producer Mark Burnett who demanded them.

Bowie Hogg, a former contestant on the show’s first season, claims the STD tests during his season included a funnel being inserted into his penis.

All of these juicy details were revealed in a new book named Apprentice in Wonderland: How Donald Trump and Mark Burnett Took America Through the Looking Glass written by Variety Co-Editor-in-Chief Ramin Setoodeh.

In Setoodeh’s book, Hogg confessed: “They turned it and scraped it and pulled it out. And it was the most painful thing I’ve experienced in my whole life.”

Now the only question that needs answering is why?! Well, Setoodeh claims Mark was covering his bases so he wouldn’t be held legally liable for “anything that was shared after the boardroom closed for the night.” Fair enough. Safety first, I guess.

Donald Trump funnels campaign money into businesses

A new report from the financial magazine Forbes based on Federal Election Commission records exposed that funds for the candidate’s 2024 presidential campaign are being sent right back into his pockets in various forms… I know, surprising no one.

According to the records, $4.6 million in campaign funds has been transferred to his business empire. Much of that money has been sent to Trump’s aviation company, Tag Air. The documents show that the Secret Service forked out $800,000 in airfare to travel with the former president.

On top of the payments to Tag Air, the campaign spent $332,000 to Trump’s private club and residence Mar-a-Lago in Florida. Another $20,000 went to Trump National Doral, a Trump-owned golf resort in Miami, while $36,000 went to the Trump hotel in Las Vegas.

Of course, Forbes reached out to the Trump campaign about these transactions. The publication reported that a spokesperson “deflected,” and took aim at Joe and Hunter Biden instead. Checks out.

Logan Paul interviews Donald Trump

And now onto the next and last Trump-centred news bit for this week. YouTuber Logan Paul has divided fans after he announced that the next guest on his podcast Impaulsive will be former president Donald Trump.

The interview, which aired yesterday Thursday 13 June 2024, has already accumulated over 1.1 million views.

In it, two of the dumbest men on this planet discuss debating Joe Biden in the 2024 election, Trump raising $140 million as a convicted felon, and the former president’s enduring friendship with Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un. Needless to say, the interview polarised the internet:

According to MSBNC, Trump’s turn to internet influencers in an effort to win over voters indicates the absence of reputable expert endorsements. Again, surprising no one.

“Trump’s alignment with influencers like the Paul brothers isn’t about facts, it’s about framing. It’s meant to contrast Trump — whom they portray as strong, virile and cool — with President Joe Biden, whom they portray as weak, feeble and uncool,” writer Ja’han Jones observed.

“As if to say, ‘Ignore that Trump was liable for sexual abuse. Ignore that he’s been convicted for committing fraud to get elected. Ignore that he’s vowed to crack down on purported ‘anti-white sentiment.’ Ignore that he wants to indemnify police who abuse their power. He’s cool with us.’”

And that’s a wrap on Trump’s secrets and escapes for this week. Stay tuned for our next recap to find out what he will do next!

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