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Shocking video shows Ron DeSantis neo-Nazi supporters wave swastika flags in Florida

By Fatou Ferraro Mboup

Published Sep 15, 2023 at 02:17 PM

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During this year’s Labor Day weekend in Florida, neo-Nazis made a disturbing appearance, reportedly marching and chanting “We are everywhere.” Two extremist hate groups, the Blood Tribe and the Goyim Defense League, held a parade in the Orlando area.


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The Blood Tribe, founded by former US marine Christopher Pohlhaus, worships Hitler as a deity, according to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). This male-only group established in 2021 has become increasingly active and has organised countless anti-LGBTQIA+ demonstrations.

The Goyim Defense League, on the other hand, is an antisemitic hate group known for harassing Jews.

These two white supremacist groups joined forces to orchestrate the March of the Redshirts rally during Labor Day weekend. Videos of the event shared on social media showed that they managed to gather a small number of supporters. The ADL Center on Extremism had issued a warning about these planned demonstrations, noting that US Nazis had become more brazen, with some having expressed support for Governor Ron DeSantis, a claim the presidential candidate has refuted.


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Only a few days prior to this march, on 26 August, three people were fatally shot by a gunman in a mass shooting that took place at a Dollar General store in Jacksonville, Florida. Authorities identified 21-year-old white male Ryan Christopher Palmeter as the gunman.

Palmeter entered the store carrying two firearms, one of which was an AR-15-style rifle adorned with swastikas.

Florida House of Representatives member Anna Vishkaee Eskamani condemned these groups in a since-deleted video posted on social media, describing their actions as “absolutely disgusting” and highlighting the growing far-right extremism in Florida.

Conservative media personality Kyle Becker speculated that they could have been from DeSantis’ camp: “Here we go with the false flag nonsense again. These are ‘DeSantis supporters’ flying neo-Nazi flags outside Disney World. Your life has got to be a sad one to do right-wing cosplay because your ideas suck. It’s just so pathetic.”

To make things worse, on the same day, another far-right group, the Order of the Black Sun, protested outside Disney World. Right-wing activist and white nationalist Laura Loomer was subjected to harassment and antisemitic slurs during the protests. She acknowledged their right to free speech and association while denouncing their irrational behaviour.