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Top 3 ideas for spectacular Instagram photos

Many of us like to share images of the Instagram-worthy locations we’ve been to. By doing so, we allow our friends and family back home to get a virtual taste of what it’s like to be ‘treating yourself’ away from home.

If you’ve ever wondered where the most Instagrammable places are, we’ve just compiled a list based on the number of hashtags used, as well as comments from travel experts and travellers. Taking the ideal Instagram image and tagging it with appropriate hashtags is becoming harder than ever, particularly in certain regions of the globe. Prepare to be charmed as you discover three of the world’s most beautiful destinations.

Las Vegas, the city of casinos

Las Vegas has so many renowned landmarks to pose in front of, many of which are reproductions of other cities across the world, that it’s the ideal location for Instagram photographers looking to snap the perfect selfie.

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On the outskirts of the city, visitors are welcomed with the neon lights and vintage style of the ‘Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas’ sign, a renowned landmark. It has featured in various films, advertisements, and pictures, and it is a popular tourist destination. Betty Willis’ ‘Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas’ sign was included on the National Register of Historic Places in 2009.

It’s exciting to go inside a casino for the first time while visiting Vegas, especially if you’ve seen it in movies or TV shows. The Ancient Roman concept has been executed well, and several members of the staff are costumed in period garb for photographs with tourists. It is worth mentioning that individuals who have never travelled to Las Vegas but enjoy playing online casino games have a chance to see what it is like to play in Vegas casinos.

As a result, many online casinos now employ mobile casinos’ no deposit bonuses to attract new customers and provide them with a delightful and unique experience of feeling like they are in a Las Vegas-style casino. This effect may be accomplished via the use of VR or AR. It’s true that this experience cannot substitute the real thing, however, it’s worth a go, particularly if you don’t have the funds to travel all the way to Las Vegas.

Red Rock Canyon, located about a half-hour drive from Las Vegas, Nevada, is a National Conservation Area featuring spectacular rock formations and a harsh desert environment. Its breathtaking views are the perfect antidote to the bright lights and relentless activity of Vegas.

Tokyo, the city of lights

There’s something fresh and intriguing to see and hear around Tokyo’s every corner. If you’re planning a vacation to Japan, chances are you’ll stop by the capital. You’ll want to explore some of the city’s most beautiful sites while you’re there. From temples to street art, Tokyo is packed with picture opportunities. Few, though, stand out from the crowd.

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The famous Meiji Temple, a well-known Shinto shrine in Japan, is surrounded by a lush forest. It’s a pleasant break from the rush and bustle of city life. This is an excellent location for an Instagram shot with a traditional yet unique Japanese background.

The Sensoji Temple and Pagoda are located in Tokyo’s Asakusa area. In this vast territory, one big temple is surrounded by lesser temples and a five-story pagoda. Buildings and monuments may also be found all over the site.

Thailand, Instagrammers’ dream

There’s no shortage of Instagram-worthy locations to select from in Thailand, including bustling cities, breathtaking beaches, and lush green hilltops. The Grand Palace in Bangkok, at a stunning 2.35 million square feet, is an excellent location for photographs! Several temples and statues on the site are beautifully embellished with bright tiles, making them great for photography.

The Emerald Buddha, one of Thailand’s most treasured Buddha statues, is kept in this temple complex. The Palace may be accessed by boat, train, or taxi from practically anywhere in Bangkok for roughly 500 baht (about $16).

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A visit to a rooftop bar in Bangkok is a must if you want to soak in the city’s spectacular views. There are other possibilities, but Sky Bar is the original and most famous one (thanks to a cameo appearance in The Hangover Part II).

The views from the 63rd floor are breathtaking. Enjoy a fruity beverage while taking some iconic photographs. Because of the exciting environment, you may want to remain out until the small hours of the morning.

Exclusive interview with Coco, Instagram’s trendiest 9-year-old fashionista

I would like to think that I had a good sense of style when I was younger. I remember having this tiny white rabbit fur coat that my mum had bought me age 5 that I had decided to customise with some pink fluorescent highlighter—I thought it was just the coolest thing ever, while my mum had a minor breakdown. Looking back now, I realise that, compared to today’s new generation of fashionistas, my early styling skills were borderline tacky.

Not only did Instagram create what we now know as influencers, it also introduced us to some very young fashion influencers. Standing out from the crowd of stylish little ones is Coco, also known as @Coco_PinkPrincess, the 9-year-old Japanese fashionista, and probably one of the trendiest and coolest young girls on Instagram. From her first post in 2015 to her most recent one from the beginning of February, not only did Coco share with her followers some serious fashion style, but she also showed the world what it means to be a kid-influencer.

Coco’s following really blew up globally after she was interviewed by Vice age 6. Shortly after, aged 7, she had already done a photoshoot for ELLE, for which she styled her own accessories. That same year, she spoke to Hypebae about her love of fashion. Today, with 675K followers (and counting), it is obvious that Coco is Insta famous, and for good reasons. Looking through her feed, there aren’t any styles that she can’t master—from streetwear and classic with a twist to kawaii and head-to-toe Gucci or Balenciaga, Coco looks amazing in everything.

In order to get some fashion tips from the Pink Princess herself, Screen Shot had an exclusive interview with the 9-year-old and her mum Misato, where we spoke about Coco’s style, her dreams for the future and her in-depth knowledge of Instagram’s algorithm. Here’s how it went:

What I love about your style is how eclectic and colourful it is. You always dare to take that extra step that most people wouldn’t. What is your process behind putting together one of those outfits? 

Coco: When I make an outfit I sometimes choose the clothes I want to wear first or choose a theme, also my father teaches me a lot about fashion, so sometimes we make the outfit together or sometimes just by myself.

Misato: As she grew up in Harajuku she’s been surrounded by many colourful and stylish adults, so she’s been in an open environment when it comes to styling.

Do you have fashion icons or other influences on your style?

Coco: Not really but I sometimes check fashion feeds on Instagram.

With the help of her parents who run the vintage store Funktique in Harajuku, Tokyo, Coco styles her outfits depending on what kind of mood she is in on that specific day. But how did she start her Instagram and what exactly does it take to curate an account that has that much fashion influence?

You’ve been known as a fashion icon on social media for a few years. Is it still as much fun for you today as it was in the beginning? What encouraged you to open your account and share your fashion styles with the world?

Coco: Yes, I still really enjoy taking photos for Instagram.

Misato: Coco was brought up in Harajuku since she was 2 years old where we, her parents, run a vintage shop. Shop staff, influencers and people in the entertainment industry around her were all on Instagram, so Coco naturally imitated them and started posting on Instagram.

As a fashion influencer, Coco is one of the few who don’t post as regularly as the others—she posts monthly or twice a month, but never every few days. Speaking to Misato, we asked:

Is this done on purpose or are you both just posting whenever you have time and good pictures of Coco’s outfits?

Misato: It’s true that her frequency to post has lessened and there are 2 reasons for it. After analysing Instagram’s algorithm and taking her daily life into consideration, the posting pace we chose was the most efficient for her then. She also started to have a lot of work and projects, so it became harder to make time for posts on Instagram. However, the algorithm has recently changed and her work pace became calmer, which means that she started posting like before again.

When it comes to social media, and more specifically Instagram, kids are now growing up alongside it. Do you think one day Instagram will become old news, and, if so, what new app would you like to replace it?

Coco: There are new apps coming out one after another so it might change to something else.

Misato: This is a hard question. We don’t know what will happen to Instagram and which app will replace it, but for Coco’s generation, it will still be an essential part of their lives. So it will also be important to be able to make decisions flexibly, even if the platform changes.

Speaking about the future, do you know what you’d like to achieve next?

Coco: Lately I enjoy acting, so for now, I hope to be a great actress.

That would be great! And what about fashion, do you see yourself still doing what you do on Instagram? Would you like to stay in the fashion industry?

Coco: I like fashion so I hope to still be a part of it in the future.

To finish, give us a few of your tips, what is your favourite thing about fashion at the moment?

Coco: Lately, I’m into flowers and creating styles like natural flower combinations. I like pale colour tones, like what natural flowers have.

So, for those of you who are in need of some fashion inspo, you heard it here first; try to include more flowers and pastel colours in your Instagram feed to stand out. When it comes to fashion, Coco’s style and vision both seem to be a mix between classic and new innovations—something that we, at Screen Shot, are always trying to promote in a fun and engaging way.

It is unclear what the future holds for social media, new technologies or even for the fashion industry, but what is sure is that the new generation is showing an incredible amount of savviness and creativity. In the end, it will be people like Coco, ZaZa and others who will shape our future, at least as long as fashion is concerned. And when speaking to Coco and her mum, it almost feels like a reassurance to realise that a famous 9-year-old fashionista can be as grounded and lovely as her Instagram pictures depict her.