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LGBTQI rights

Vladimir Putin cracks down on human rights by banning ‘LGBTQ+ propaganda’ in Russia

By Mason Berlinka

Republicans in Tennessee propose new bill that would criminalise drag performances

By Charlie Sawyer

‘My hope has not yet died’: Inside the Angolan LGBTQ+ youth fighting for change and equal rights

By Marcia Veiga

How ‘Heartstopper’ and its cast are redefining queer joy, one wholesome season at a time

By Louis Shankar

Boston Children’s Hospital faces threats for providing gender-affirming care to LGBTQ+ youth

By Alma Fabiani

Pride Month 2022: 7 brands that made an impact rather than rainbow washing themselves

By Louis Shankar

Emotional moment as Harry Styles helps fan come out during Wembley show

By Malavika Pradeep

Jennifer Lopez introduces 14-year-old child Emme on stage with ‘they/them’ pronouns

By Alma Fabiani

Thailand hosts first official Pride parade in 16 years, but the fight for equality is not over

By Malavika Pradeep

Former US football player found not guilty of murdering gay man who posed as woman on Tinder

By Alma Fabiani

Laverne Cox makes history as the world’s first transgender Barbie doll

By Sam Wareing

From ‘Fire Island’ to ‘Bros’, is 2022 the new era for authentic LGBTQ+ storytelling?

By Louis Shankar

How the media’s homophobic and racist coverage of monkeypox mirrors the HIV/AIDS epidemic

By Alma Fabiani

Chinese company makes ‘coming out’ kits for queer people

By Malavika Pradeep

How the term ‘groomer’ got weaponised by the anti-LGBTQ community

By Harriet Piercy

Another reason to boycott Coachella: its shady, anti-LGBTQ billionaire owner Philip Anschutz

By Alma Fabiani


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