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Francesca Johnson

As one of Screen Shot's editorial assistants, Francesca has a thing for deep dives and retrospective think pieces on internet culture—with a focus on gen Z, media criticism, identity and just about anything weird on the web. If she’s not writing, she is probably liking pictures of otters on Instagram.

By Francesca Johnson

April 12, 2022

Marvel fans, get ready for Iron Man’s replacement: Ironheart

By Francesca Johnson

April 9, 2022

Uncovering the horrifying online world of child predators with ‘The Murder Sheet’ podcast hosts

By Francesca Johnson

April 7, 2022

Russian fisherman discovers terrifying ‘baby dragon’ creature with wings and tail

By Francesca Johnson

April 6, 2022

Fame is a trauma’: Cole Sprouse reveals his female Disney co-stars were ‘heavily sexualised’

By Francesca Johnson

April 2, 2022

Artesian Builds: how a custom PC company crashed and burned at the expense of a viral giveaway

By Francesca Johnson

March 31, 2022

Lab-grown lion meat could soon be served at your favourite restaurants in the UK

By Francesca Johnson

March 29, 2022

You won’t believe what Britney Spears just said about her ex Justin Timberlake

By Francesca Johnson

March 26, 2022

10 banned authors US schools don’t want you to read, and it’s clear why

By Francesca Johnson

March 23, 2022

Dear men, you seriously aren’t as smart as you think you are. Sincerely, science

By Francesca Johnson

March 22, 2022

‘Bad Vegan’ is the latest show feeding our growing obsession with con artists and scammers

By Francesca Johnson

March 19, 2022

There’s a new trend on TikTok where users compare their scalps. Here’s why

By Francesca Johnson

March 17, 2022

Young boy who fled Ukraine alone REUNITED with his mum in tear-jerking moment

By Francesca Johnson

March 16, 2022

You’ll never guess why this man woke up with a BLACK and HAIRY tongue

By Francesca Johnson

March 12, 2022

10 cancelled Netflix series that deserve a second life (if not a second watch)

By Francesca Johnson

March 11, 2022

New fear unlocked: artist creates 10 NFT night terrors using artificial neural networks

By Francesca Johnson

March 8, 2022

5 musicians accused of plagiarising their hit tracks


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