‘American Pie’ icon Jennifer Coolidge has gone from MILF to 007 in upcoming blockbuster

By Charlie Sawyer

Published Oct 7, 2022 at 11:58 AM

Reading time: 2 minutes

From American Pie to Legally Blonde, Jennifer Coolidge has time and time again proved herself to be a true Hollywood icon. Sashaying from one comedy to another, the actress stole all of our hearts with her big hair, notorious voice, and a heck lot of lipstick.

Now, it seems Coolidge is ready to bump her status from certified 2000s legend to Jennifer Lopez’s bad-ass mother-in-law in her new film Shotgun Wedding.

The upcoming rom-com/action film follows Lopez and Josh Duhamel on their journey down the aisle in a beautiful island paradise. Unfortunately for them, a gang of vicious pirates have a different plan in mind and attack the wedding party—taking all of the couple’s guests hostage.

On 4 October, Amazon Prime Video released the trailer for Shotgun Wedding, due to hit the streaming platform in January 2023, and sadly for Lopez and Duhamel, netizens all agreed that one certain character successfully stole their thunder.

In classic Coolidge style, the actress—while not either of the main characters—managed to dominate the film trailer and sent fans into a frenzy, particularly over one truly iconic scene.

56 seconds into the trailer, audiences watched as Coolidge exclaims “Nobody f*cks with my family!” and then whips out an automatic rifle, pumping bullets into the air.

Twitter lapped up every millisecond, with users everywhere demanding Coolidge be casted as the new 007. One user posted: “MAKE JENNIFER COOLIDGE THE NEXT BOND, YOU COWARDS.” Another fan tweeted: “I never knew I needed to see Jennifer Coolidge with a machine gun until now.”

Gun-toting aside, the actress simply dominates whichever project she walks into. Her portrayal of Paulette Bonafonté in Legally Blonde is the perfect mix of warmth, authenticity and flawlessly manicured nails. And I mean, who else could turn a villain like Fiona Montgomery in Cinderella Story into the character we all really wanted to be?

Coolidge should also be applauded for her impenetrable support for the LGBTQIA+ community. She has been a permanent fixture at the Elton John AIDs Foundation events and frequently speaks out in support of issues affecting the community.

In 2021, Coolidge spoke with The AV club about her status as a ‘gay icon’ and why she has such a big queer fandom. The actress explained, “It started from a very young age, you go with what you’re attracted to and that’s just what I was attracted to. All my friends, I don’t think they had figured it out at the time, but they eventually figured it out and it was always all the gay men and all the gay woman in my town, at my school or my camp. It’s just a mutual thing, but I was never conscious of it. It was just the people I was attracted to.”

Well, with one Emmy already under her belt for her performance in TV hit White Lotus, we cannot imagine why Coolidge shouldn’t be a shoo-in for more nominations once awards season comes around.

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