Sydney Sweeney claps back at TikTok scammer who pretended to be her dietitian

By Abby Amoakuh

Published Feb 21, 2024 at 12:36 PM

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If you flip through the pages of any women’s magazine, you will likely find several features about how the celebs of the moment manage to stay in shape. These articles usually cover everything from their workout routine and their diet plans to the latest viral beauty craze they just can’t seem to get enough of. Celebrities have become integral to our beauty and diet culture, so it is no surprise that people also want to seek direct advice from the ‘experts’ on their team who help them look so divine.

Enter @colostrum.lover. The now-deleted TikTok account was owned by an individual who claimed that she was the dietitian of Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney.


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For those of you who have been living under a rock for the past five years, Sweeney is an American actress, producer and certified Gen Z bombshell. Throughout the last half-decade, the 26-year-old has solidified herself as one of the most talented and yes, beautiful, young actresses to grace our screens. This success has also opened doors for exciting collaborations, including ventures with Rihanna’s lingerie brand Savage X Fenty and Frankie’s Bikinis.


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Next to simply admiring how she looks, netizens understandably also want to know how to look more like her. This might explain why @colostrum.lover’s clip was able to amass nearly 70,000 likes, just through the mention of Sweeney’s name and the claim that they helped her achieve her dream role through, hold your breath, dieting.

“I was Sydney Sweeney’s dietitian for 5 years, this is how I helped her get her dream role with 5 easy food swaps,” the video’s title read. In another slide, the user claimed that Sweeney’s “favourite comfort food” was Kraft Mac and Cheese. She labelled the meal kit “a dietician’s nightmare” and proudly proclaimed that she made the Madame Web actress swap the staple for Goodles and Banza.

“Natural ingredients and high in proteins, keeping your hormones balanced,” the account stated. The TikToker then went on to criticise ranch dressings and instant ramen noodles.

@Colostrum.lover got to enjoy their 15 minutes of fame, as thousands of netizens eagerly liked and shared the clip to spread the supposed gospel.

That was until the Anyone But You star herself entered the chat, commenting on Instagram screenshots of the original video: “I don’t know you and Kraft mac n cheese is for life.”

Despite the account being deleted, netizens were still able to take screenshots of the video and reshare these online. Most praised Sweeney for her blunt response to the scam artist. “I need more celebs to start calling out these liars trying to sell diet plans and courses using their names,” one X, formerly Twitter, user stated.

Others decided to make fun of the scam:

TikTok sleuths were even able to deduce that the pictures on the culprit’s account were not their own. Instead, they were taken from someone else’s Pinterest page.

“I can’t find this colostrum account anywhere but [it’s not] the blonde girl who was wrongfully spoken on. Her Instagram is madsmcwilliam,” one TikTok user stated.

It’s a well-known fact that celebrities and diet culture are intrinsically linked. I mean, you simply have to Google Gwyneth Paltrow’s name and you’ll come across a variety of nutritional diets the actress “swears by.”

Celebrities’ and influencers’ aspirational appearances are part of their appeal and make them the perfect ambassadors for beauty products, protein shakes, swimsuits, and other wellness goods that rely on marketing to be sold.

However, Sweeney’s decision to expose a scam artist who was using her appearance without authorisation to sell unverified products and advice, reveals that certain lines should still not be crossed. Particularly if they involve robbing her fans of the joy of mac and cheese.

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