What is Rumble, the YouTube copycat home to problematic men like Russell Brand and Andrew Tate?

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Meta’s coming for Elon Musk’s bag: Everything you need to know about the latest Twitter copycat, Threads

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The rise of purchased validation: examining the Instagram blue tick phenomenon

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Why are thousands of Reddit pages going offline for 48 hours?

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Thinking about: How WeVerse could change stan culture forever

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Celebrities abandon ship following Elon Musk’s blue tick mess. Is your favourite star next?

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The big bad internet is making chronically online gen Zers lose all sense of reality

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Thinking about: how the metaverse puts kids in danger

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YouTube reverts controversial profanity monetisation rules following content creator backlash

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When do TikTok’s random acts of kindness go too far? When consent goes out the window

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The Slumflower on the price we’re all willing to pay in order to present perfection on social media

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Google’s recent mass layoffs give rise to new era of unemployment influencers on TikTok

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Meta advised to ‘free the nipple’ after non-heteronormative couple unjustly penalised on Instagram

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Why are random suspicious-looking accounts watching my Instagram Story? An online investigation

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7 times TikTokers have caught Hermes drivers stealing packages in the worst ways possible

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How TikTok’s new StemDrop feature could fuel a new generation of music hitmakers

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