Introducing the ‘gastronomical’ world of fart fetishes and why some people are into it – Screen Shot
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Introducing the ‘gastronomical’ world of fart fetishes and why some people are into it

Disgust, humour, embarrassment: these are the typical reactions you expect to witness when someone breaks wind across the room. But what if there’s a niche audience out there who consider farts as more than just a comedic tradition, instead basing their entire sex lives around it? Introducing the gastronomic little world of eproctophilia, loosely known as the fart fetish.

What is eproctophilia?

Eproctophilia is a sexual fetish where individuals are attracted to farts. Considered as a subset of olfactophilia, where people derive sexual pleasure from body odours in general, eproctophilia engages all five senses to truly blow away enthusiasts.

Eproctophiles can be turned on by the sound, smell or discharge that comes from a fart. Some enthusiasts in the community enjoy farting on their sexual partners while others prefer being farted upon. Their preferences further range between the types of smell, fabrics worn and inhalation techniques used. Regardless of their preferences, however, members of the community agree on one thing: that their fetish is not the same as coprophilia—the fetish of faeces and defecation. Neither is any material substance nor immediate health risks involved in the former.

In the first-ever academic study on eproctophilia, Doctor Mark Griffiths, a chartered psychologist and professor of behavioural addiction at the Nottingham Trent University, interviewed an eproctophile to break down the fetish. “I have had my face farted on by both men and women, at point-blank range,” the interviewee admitted as he went on to explain a list of highly specific preferences. “In terms of sound, I prefer a deep bubbling sound. In terms of smell, I like acrid sulphur. I also prefer the farter to be clothed.”

The clothing aspect here was credited with three reasons. “Firstly, the sound tends to be better with fabric, particularly jeans or nylons. Second, the smell lingers in cloth, whereas it is a relatively quick blast of smell in the nude. Third, I like the look of butt cheeks better when they are defined by fabric.” The interviewee also highlighted how the fetish allows him to be dominated and humiliated by someone else—both factors that are masochistically arousing.

Another interesting insight from Griffiths’ academic study was the necessity of attraction to the person for their farts to be sexually arousing. “To see a beautiful, delicate lady passing wind is a breach of expectations in a profound manner,” the eproctophile said during the interview. “That a beautiful woman is capable of producing a disgusting sound and smell is what attracts us and makes us want to experience it.”

This social factor also plays into the genetics behind the attraction. The bacteria in a person’s gut is unique to them, which might be particularly arousing for some eproctophiles. For starters, have you ever noticed how you may not always be repelled by the smell of your own gases? This is because you have been accustomed to the bacteria in your gut. According to AsapSCIENCE, one of the major reasons why we categorise another person’s farts as ‘stranger danger’ is because of an evolutionary defence mechanism. However, this perception of disgust depends on a combination of variables such as age, gender, culture and personality. In this sense, some individuals are less sensitive to and repelled by some farts than others.

Winds of change

You might want to open another window for this one. To date, eproctophiles have a subreddit, Quora forum and dedicated genre on PornHub with more than 15,000 videos. Not to mention an entire fartdom of its own created specifically for the fetish. Eproctophilia also has a dedicated list of performers known as the “gassy queens of OnlyFans,” who make as much as $4,200 in under a month.

“I eat lots of veggies and protein generally, so they come naturally with my normal diet,” said Kiera, who goes by Goddess Fart on her OnlyFans—specialising in tidy, airy farts with the occasional “foamy chuggers.” In an interview with MEL Magazine, the gassy queen highlighted how she often gets patrons who hire her to create custom content. Such content usually involves her farting on camera while dishing out verbal degradations.

Her videos, however, involve very little nudity—with the camera focused on her lower half while she is clad in leggings. Although Kiera herself does not have a fart fetish, the performer overcame her initial hesitation by realising that she provides a popular service. “There is a stigma associated with any fetish that isn’t mainstream,” she said. “But I realised how popular this fetish is and it isn’t anything to be ashamed of at all.”

Did I forget to mention that smelling your partner’s farts is also the key to living a longer life? A study, published in the journal Medicinal Chemistry Communications proved how farts could actually reduce the risk of several life-threatening illnesses including cancer, stroke and heart attacks. According to researchers, it has also been proven to prevent arthritis and dementia in old age.

As the gassy queens continue to break hearts and winds, fart fetish embraces something that everyone does but hates to admit. So, let all of that sink in before you whip out that worn-off whoopee cushion for another prank or download one of those beatboxing apps based on fart noises to poke fun at the coveted phenomenon.

Inside the sexual fetish of implanting alien eggs up your vagina

How do you like your eggs? Because some like them implanted up their vaginas. Welcome to the gelatinous little world of ovaphilia, a sexual fetish involving the simulated laying of an egg by a human female. Variants of this fetish include the use of disproportionate or festively painted eggs and the female role-playing a furry or an alien. The latter is what we are here to sit on.

The alien egg impregnation fetish has a dedicated subreddit and porn genre to its credit. In this variant, ovaphilesoften clubbed with xenophiles (who are sexually attracted to extraterrestrials)swear by the ‘ultimate alien fantasy dildo’: the Ovipositor. Patented by Primal Hardwere, the dildo shoots gelatin eggs straight into the body orifice of your choice where they then dissolve naturally. Available in a plethora of colours and textures, these fantasy sticks feature literal tongue-twister names like ‘Bork’, ‘Blip’, ‘G’lorp’ and ‘Splorch’.

The idea is to replicate the act of being impregnated with eggs. Usually from an alien or insect,” explained LoneWolf, the anonymous owner of Primal Hardwere, in an interview with Vice. “The toys are simply phallic-shaped hollow tubes that can be used to insert gelatin eggs into oneself. There is a funnel-shaped hole in the bottom to receive the eggs, which are inserted one by one, forcing them up the tube and out the top.”

LoneWolf started his business by creating one-off custom commissions “for people who couldn’t find what they were looking for elsewhere.” “Ovipositors were requested several times, and when I posted YouTube videos demonstrating them, the response was impressive. Tons of people wanted them—and while this is not a fetish of my own, I saw the potential for a unique product line,” he added. Close to 3.5 million views on his first Ovipositor demo video, the demand for the particular fetish is evident.

When you purchase an Ovipositor, however, you’re expected to make your own extraterrestrial eggs. Before you can get jiggy with it, you have to spend a fair amount of time dissolving gelatine, pouring it into moulds that come along with the kit and then leaving them out to set for hours. “You are trying to take something the size of a chicken egg and pass it through the silicone tube. You have to get the formulation right so it will flex, but not be too soft,” the creator explained.


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Reflecting on the trial and error process behind making the Ovipositor, LoneWolf admitted trying his hand at silicon eggs but failing terribly. “They stuck inside the dildo. We tried things like building the inside, putting channels in so it wouldn’t stick. That didn’t seem to work, and in the end it turned out that gelatine was safer anyway. We ended on that because if the gelatine gets stuck inside you, it dissolves.”

This hard-boiled fact hence begs the question: how safe is it to put gelatin eggs up your vagina? LoneWolf summed up the dangers related to the fetish as “everything in moderation.” “I can say that I have used them many times without hurting myself, but frankly it is up to the person using it to know their own limits. For instance, if you are allergic to gelatin. If made properly, the eggs are firm but rubbery, similar to the consistency of gummy bears. They dissolve with body heat rather quickly,” he clarified.

So what does it feel like to actually use one? Violet Fenn, author of Sex and Sexuality in Victorian Britain, admits to having treaded down the coveted Ovipositor lane herself. In a column for Metro, she describes her experience—or rather eggs-perience—as somewhere between awkward and stimulating. “Doing the deed itself is a bit awkward. Squeezing a giant alien dildo with slippery lube-hands was never going to be the neatest of operations,” she explained.

“You insert Brogoth (a popular variety of Ovipositor) in the same way as any other dildo, then squeeze him like a sexy alien icing bag until the eggs slide through. They pop out in a pleasantly determined fashion that appealed to the tactile side of me.” In terms of the gelatine eggs, she swears that they dissolved very quickly. “There’s no risk of them getting stuck. Although you do feel rather like you’re giving birth to slimy boiled eggs, which is a strange sensation by anyone’s standards.”

Hardcore fans of the Ovipositor say that the sensation of “mushy extraterrestrial ovum slopping back out of them” is a real treat. Fenn, however, warns not to try alien play just before leaving the house. “You could have vaginal muscles like industrial clamps and this stuff would still ooze out,” she added. “My advice would be to lie around thinking romantic alien thoughts until most of it has dissolved. Plain gelatine is completely harmless and won’t cause any damage to either your insides or your bedsheets.”

With that being said, the best case to use the Ovipositor is either by yourself, with a partner or a group of like-minded individuals for a new kind of egg-hunt…now that Easter is around the corner.