Vivek Ramaswamy shares Taylor Swift conspiracy and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. denies OnlyFans rumour

By Charlie Sawyer

Published Feb 2, 2024 at 12:50 PM

Reading time: 2 minutes

It’s that time again. Welcome back to our weekly recaps covering all things relating to the 2024 US Presidential election. For week 12, we’re going to be looking into the ways gender might have an impact on the impending election and we’ll also consider the wild theory that Joe Biden might have planted Taylor Swift in the NFL to garner votes. Plus, we’re going to delve into whether or not Robert F. Kennedy Jr. likes to comment on OnlyFans model’s TikTok videos. Let’s get started.

Gender gap expands between Joe Biden and Donald Trump

The polling gap is growing between Biden and Donald Trump when it comes to female voters. According to recent research from a poll conducted by Quinnipiac University, more women said they would support Biden over Trump, with 58 per cent backing Biden and 36 per cent backing Trump. At the end of 2023, the Quinnipiac poll found that 53 per cent of women supported the incumbent Democrat, compared to 41 per cent supporting his Republican challenger.

Polling analyst Tim Malloy stated: “The gender demographic tells a story to keep an eye on. Propelled by female voters in just the past few weeks, the head-to-head tie with Trump morphs into a modest lead for Biden.”

This is definitely positive news for Biden, who in the past few months has been struggling to galvanise support and prove that his age will not impact his ability to serve for another full presidential term.

While it’s been proven that the statistic that 52 per cent of white women voted for Trump in the 2016 election is likely an inflated and false number due to the unreliability of exit polls, it is more than fair to say that Trump has previously been quite successful with female voters. Therefore, it could seriously hurt his campaign if he doesn’t find a way to get women back on his side.

Vivek Ramaswamy claims the Super Bowl will be rigged so Taylor Swift will endorse Biden

Oh Ramaswamy, what are you like? The business tycoon, who dropped out of the presidential race in in mid-January and subsequently endorsed Trump, has made the very bold claim that the upcoming Super Bowl, which will see the Kansas Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers battle it out for the trophy, is going to be rigged.

His argument? Well, Ramaswamy seems to believe that Travis Kelce’s team, the Chiefs, will be favoured in the Super Bowl solely so that Taylor Swift, who is in a very public relationship with Kelce, will then endorse Biden in November.

In a post shared to his X account, Ramaswamy wrote: “I wonder who’s going to win the Super Bowl next month. And I wonder if there’s a major presidential endorsement coming from an artificially culturally propped-up couple this fall. Just some wild speculation over here, let’s see how it ages over the next 8 months.”

It’s understandable why Republicans would be afraid of Swift’s endorsement considering the immense amount of power the superstar has. According to Business Insider, back in June 2023, survey firm QuestionPro estimated that the first leg of the North American Eras Tour had the ability to generate $4.6 billion in consumer spending.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. accused of leaving comment on OnlyFans model’s thirst trap TikTok

Presidential nominee Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who is running as an independent has denied accusations that he left a comment on a TikTok video of an OnlyFans model in 2022. In his defence, the politician stated that the account at the time belonged to a campaign staffer.

According to Politico, the rumours first surfaced after a netizen shared a screen recording showing Kennedy’s official account commenting “Wow,” with heart-eyes emojis under a video an OnlyFans model.

Writing on X, the politician attempted to clear his name:

Now, I’m all about using social media to stir up a bit of controversy and drama, but maybe Kennedy’s staff should make sure to only share their admiration for online models on their own private accounts… Just a thought.

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