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Creepy video shows passenger freak out about being stuck in a time loop that ends with plane crash

By Fatou Ferraro Mboup

Published Jul 26, 2023 at 09:19 AM

Reading time: 1 minute

Okay, at this point I’m seriously considering avoiding air travel altogether. What on earth is going on with everybody? Only a couple of weeks ago, a video of a distressed woman claiming that the man sitting next to her on a plane “isn’t real” went viral online. Now, here we are once more, this time with a clip depicting a male passenger experiencing a tumultuous psychological episode, fervently believing that he was caught in a recurring “time loop” that ends with the plane crashing reminiscent of scenes from the popular and terrifying movie franchise, Final Destination.

The clip shows both passengers and flight crew react with concern as the man starts screaming in terror, claiming to be trapped in his sixth consecutive time loop, wherein the plane repeatedly crashes. Speaking in Chinese, he implores people to open the aeroplane’s doors, desperate to escape this supposed never-ending cycle.

The man’s worrying outbursts are punctuated with references to “hallowed Earth inhabitants” and the bizarre concept of a “death and life reset.” It became evident to those onboard that he was grappling with profound delusions, firmly believing in the authenticity of his alarming claims. “You guys are waiting for death and life reset, don’t you guys want a life reset, don’t you feel tired?” reads a translation of the man.

Confused fellow passengers attempted to engage with the distressed man, seeking to understand the source of his fear. In his responses, his erratic behaviour even led him to assert that one of the flight attendants was a robot, presumably undergoing a battery change.

Alarmed by the escalating situation, the plane pilot promptly made the decision to ground the aircraft to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone on board. Subsequently, authorities intervened and detained the man responsible for the commotion.

After a preliminary assessment, law enforcement officers noted the man’s abnormal mental state. As a result, he was transported to a specialised medical facility, where he could receive proper evaluation and treatment for his mental health condition.

Social media users couldn’t help but draw parallels between the chaotic scene and the plot of the Final Destination movies. In the film series, characters experience premonitions of their own deaths and strive to evade their fate before it becomes a reality. However, this real-life incident was a stark reminder of the fragility of mental health and the importance of recognising and addressing psychological challenges.