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New survey reveals lockdown made UK residents hornier than ever

By Alma Fabiani

Jul 6, 2020


At the start of June, the British government introduced new coronavirus laws which made it illegal for couples who lived in different homes to have sex indoors or stay overnight. In response, tabloids were quick to call the law a ‘sex ban’ and shortly after, the hashtag #sexban trended on Twitter. This misunderstanding came from the fact that the definition of ‘gathering’ is so wide that it could encompass any kind of human activity, including sex. But how has this influenced the sex habits of UK residents?

According to a survey conducted on 1,000 UK residents by the adult webcam site ImLive, the ‘sex ban’ only made people hornier. The research aimed to see whether citizens had obeyed the new rules and shed some light on their sexual behaviours during lockdown. The findings revealed a clear breach of the rules and showed UK residents are the horniest they’ve been in over 50 years! Here are some of the key findings from the survey that you’ll need to know.

During the lockdown, more UK residents participated in threesomes

ImLive’s survey revealed that 6.5 per cent of people in the UK have participated in a threesome with their flatmates during lockdown. This comes as an understandable increase as people were forced by law to stay indoors. This, however, didn’t stop them from feeling horny. As Theodore Roosevelt said himself: “Do what you can, with what you have, where you can.”

During the lockdown, anal has been on the rise

Yes, you read that right. The survey shows that anal has made an 11.61 per cent resurgence among UK residents since lockdown, with 10 per cent of women trying it for the first time ever. This highlights people’s interest in trying new things while being stuck at home, as 49.69 per cent of respondents reported experimenting with new sexual behaviours.

During the lockdown, UK residents reported having more sex than before

30.1 per cent of respondents said they were having more sex during lockdown than before. This comes as a surprising statistic just after the government announced the infamous ‘sex ban’.

More sex means more injuries

As it turns out, all good things come with a price, and all good sex comes with a risk of injury. During lockdown, 4.5 per cent of UK residents have reported having a sex-related injury. Other statistics from ImLive’s survey showed that 20 per cent of women were planning to get their freak on once lockdown ended, and 50 per cent of UK men didn’t consider it cheating if their partner attended a live webcam session with other people.

All in all, the UK lockdown and the ‘sex ban’ that resulted from it both seem like good influences on UK residents and their sexual habits. A little experimenting never hurt nobody—sex-related injuries put aside.