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IAMDDB’s latest single ‘Silver Lines’ embodies sisterhood and spiritual liberation

The year is 2021 and the world stands more dynamic than ever. As audiences introspect their tastes and preferences, creators are pushed to span their modes of creation—with subject matters that strongly reflect their own values. But how can artists truly embody such messages and translate them into visuals? Most importantly, is it possible to switch styles effortlessly and still produce a banger? Enter Dianna De Brito, popularly known by her stage name IAMDDB, with her latest single Silver Lines.

Born in Lisbon, Portugal, IAMDDB moved to Manchester as a young child, spending her adolescence making a name for herself in the bustling Northern city. “My childhood was flavourful and exquisite,” IAMDDB reminisced, when asked about her cross-cultural experiences. “My papa’s taste in music was so wide that it really helped shape my palette musically.” From bossa nova and jazz to Kilapanga, kizomba and funaná, the artist was therefore exposed to various rhythms and tones which she still incorporates to her music today. “It has helped me to be multi dimensional within my sound and image,” she added.

Listed third on BBC’s Sound of 2018, IAMDDB’s self-styled brand of “urban jazz”—a blend of hip-hop, jazz, trap and soul—has now earned her a reputation of being one of the most promising artists the British urban scene has to offer. The artist has previously supported Ms. Lauryn Hill and rap megastar Bryson Tiller on arena tours and even fronted campaigns for Mulberry, Browns, Moncler and Tommy Hilfiger. The 21st century visionary is presently leaking her ingenuity into global stardom with her latest single and music video Silver Lines.

Silver Lines is a classic feel-good anthem for female unity and empowerment. An ode to sisterhood, nature, healing, transformation and spiritual liberation. Balanced between seductive and sentimental, the track expresses the importance of self love.

“It’s about embodying your divine energy and allowing the light within to live.”

In the track, IAMDDB seeks to remind people—especially women—about sisterhood. “Reminding them of the importance of nurturing, loving your sister and creating safe spaces for one another without any toxicity infiltrating,” the artist summed up.

Produced by Mike Brainchild, Silver Lines is written by IAMDDB herself. When asked about her experience and journey behind the scenes of the process, she said, “I knew I wanted to make it a feel-good song, a song that would always uplift the mood and remind me that no matter what I experience—life is good and I will enjoy it.”

Shot in Saint Lucia, the music video highlights the core values of the song through its choices of vibrant and nostalgic 90s video camera filters. “The vibrance of the colours and the journey we take you on goes hand in hand with the everyday journeys we embark on,” IAMDDB added. “It’s a visual manifestation of choosing happiness and choosing yourself.”

If you’ve been following IAMDDB’s musical journey closely, you’ll notice how the artist effortlessly switches between styles and still manages to produce some of the hottest hits in the industry. From More to WA’HUM, IAMDDB is undoubtedly one of the most versatile artists out there. At a time where creators scramble to find their own voice rooted in dynamism, IAMDDB seems to be light years ahead in terms of being a wildly personable, unfiltered and a self-assured musician.

“I am the sauce, I am the waev, so it really doesn’t matter what I jump on,” the artists explained when asked to break down some pointers. “I always bring out the best in producers and beats so it’s really a skill I was born with—the ability to merge with a beat and transmit a healing vibration through words. My intentions are always to have fun and to love what I hear back, and I always do.”

“I wanted to create a song I could enjoy in the sunshine.”

To date, the highlights for IAMDDB, in terms of her musical career, is performing on sold out tours and supporting the legend Ms. Lauryn Hill. “I couldn’t believe she knew about me. She actually gave me great advice, now looking back she could see a lot of things going on around me that I hadn’t yet noticed,” the artist said. IAMDDB’s 2017 banger Shade, currently at 41 million views on YouTube, is yet another badge of honour under her belt. On TikTok, the track is looped into 57,000 videos and counting. At the time of producing Shade, however, the artist admitted to not having expected this level of reception on the app. “I literally only found this out maybe last year—regardless, I am grateful for the love, glad the chavs are enjoying the sounds!”

A quick scroll through the comments section under most of IAMDDB’s music videos on YouTube would plop you into a hopeful land of collaboration requests, notably with Jorja Smith. When asked about her take on the fan requests, IAMDDB explained, “I really love what I do alone, so I am never thirsty for features. I do have some features lined up, but I like collaborations to happen organically, I don’t force it ever.” According to her, each artist is on their own spiritual journey and sometimes it’s just not time for them to align with others yet. “But who knows, maybe in the near future!”

So if you are someone on the other end of these fan requests, sight tight. And if you need some pointers to ‘keep it G’ meanwhile, we’ve got you covered with some advice from the urban jazz queen herself. “Always tell the truth, especially to yourself. If you have to choose between yourself and them, choose yourself and let your inner light shine bright.”

What are you waiting for? Find your own silver lining with Silver Lines here.