Everything we know so far about The Summer I Turned Pretty season 3

By Abby Amoakuh

Published Apr 5, 2024 at 12:40 PM

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We’ll Always Have Summer, author and screenwriter Jenny Han wrote in the caption of an Instagram posts 34 weeks ago: “So excited to finally share that we’re coming back to Cousins for Season 3, and this time we’ll have 10 whole episodes. It’s been hard not being able to work on the show because of the ongoing strikes, but we can’t wait to get going on Season 3 as soon as we’re able.”

Needless to say the posts gathered almost 2 million likes and thousands of enthusiastic comments from netizens underneath it. The Summer I Turned Pretty (TSITP) is one of Amazon Prime’s most successful shows to date, with the hashtag having over 409,100 posts and 17.1 billion views on TikTok.


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So here is your little guide with the latest updates on the highly anticipated third instalment of the show, covering everything from trailer to release date and cast updates. So relax and sit back as dispel the mystery around season 3 of The Summer I Turned Pretty! 

What is ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’?

Okay, so let’s take things from the top: The Summer I Turned Pretty is a TV show based on a trilogy of young adult novels by author Jenny Han. Named after the first novel, The Summer I Turned Pretty, with frequent references to the second and third titles, It’s Not Summer Without You, and We’ll Always Have Summer, the show focuses on the protagonist Isabel Conklin, more commonly referred to as Belly. The teenager and her brother spend every summer at her mother’s friend Susannah’s home in Cousins Beach, Massachusetts. Susannah has two sons named Jeremiah and Conrad. Throughout the story, Belly is caught up in a back-and-forth love triangle with the two of them, so if messy drama is what you like, this show is worth a watch.


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When will filming for season 3 of ‘TSITP’ begin?

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight in February 2024, actor Gavin Casalegno, who plays Jeremiah, was pressed for an update and said: “I think we’re filming in March. I have zero idea of a script. I don’t even know. It could even be, like, filming in October or July. I’m just going off rumors.” He went on to add: “Sometime this year. Hopefully soon. I hope. That’s all I got for you.”

Really just crumbs but since information is incredibly sparse right now, we’ll take them!

Is there a trailer for season 3 of ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’?

Not yet. The third season of the hit show was officially announced by Amazon Prime on 3 August 2023. Since then, the streaming provider has been relatively quiet about the production, as much of it was delayed due to the SAG-AFTRA strike. With the strike now being over and production hopefully having picked up in March, we can expect to see a trailer this summer.

Is there a release date for season 3?

Unfortunately, this is another no. Damn you summer of strikes but solidarity with the workers, I guess. At the moment, it is assumed that season three will be with us either late 2024 or at some point in 2025. I know what you are thinking. First Euphoria, and now this? Like, what are we going to watch this summer? Birds?!?!

So what’s up with the cast?


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Just like the details about pretty much everything else about this upcoming season, cast information is very limited at this point. However, Lola Tung, Gavin Casalegno and Christopher Briney are all expected to reprise their roles as Jeremiah, Belly and Conrad, aka the new Jacob, Bella, and Edward. Oh, and Sean Kaufman and Rain Spencer will likely return as Steven and Taylor too. Yay!

But what will we do until the next season comes out?

Sit tight, be patient, rewatch series one and two and read SCREENSHOT to stay up to date on the latest news about this show.

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