Finance bro podcasts are cringe and problematic, so why are they taking over TikTok?

By Charlie Sawyer

Published Apr 25, 2024 at 09:00 AM

Reading time: 2 minutes

As we all know, I’m pretty skilled when it comes to financial guidance. Over the past few months, I’ve contemplated the pros and cons of investing, broken down the ways inflation is impacting Gen Z, and even done some TikTok maths to try and work out how many pennies influencer Nara Smith is making. So, it would make sense that it would fall to me to chat a little bit about a podcast genre that’s taken over TikTok to such an extent that parodies of the format are now going viral. I am, of course, talking about finance influencers or, as they’re also more commonly referred to, finance bros.

Everyone and their nan has heard the term finance bro by now. Its origins can be traced back to the mid-2010s and as far as Urban Dictionary is concerned, the term’s definition is “someone who desperately wants to be rich and will always talk about stocks and other finance garbage. Someone who will likely repost edits of Andrew Tate and other richy rich douches who post videos of their stupid courses.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.


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Finance bro-esque podcasts and vodcasts (aka, video podcasts) have been gaining traction for quite some time now. The basis of these shows is relatively straightforward. Typically, two or three men will gather around a table or sit on some sort of plush sofa and spend an hour or so nattering about unwarranted financial guidance—all of which is wrapped up in something these guys often refer to as a “wealth mindset.”

These male-dominated podcasts thrive off of a level of business superiority—their entire narrative revolves around romanticising and promoting the idea that obtaining massive amounts of wealth is the sole path to success and happiness.

A lot of this rhetoric is just that, chat. There’s only so much actual legitimate advice that these guys can give. In reality, the majority of their conversations involve hypothetical scenarios and long-winded allegories that are supposed to inspire young boys to immediately drop the PlayStation and start day trading. Honestly, it’s wild—see for yourself:


What is a bank? | Luke Belmar #lukebelmar #financialsystem #money #bank #fyp

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People have found these videos so cringe that they’re even going out of their way to create parody podcasts:


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In fact, two of my all-time favourite YouTubers, Cody Ko and Brittany Broski, even got in on the trend and posted a video that included 40 minutes’ worth of cringe finance influencer content.

These videos might all seem teehee and giggles, but the problem is that these men are promising young boys the absolute world. All they seemingly have to do is follow this advice, sign up for an alpha male lifestyle path course, and devote their entire lives to accumulating wealth. It’s that simple.

Also, we have to talk about the insane reach that these male creators have. It’s truly concerning knowing how many young impressionable people these testosterone-infused bros are reaching. I mean, for example, Ed Mylett, the influencer and entrepreneur known for his pretty bizarre ‘I can fit three days into one’ mindset, has nearly three million followers on Instagram.


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Moreover, recent data revealed that 25 per cent of 18 to 24-year-olds who have a bank account use social media for financial guidance. Plus, one in five of this age group has actually invested money based on social media recommendations.

Now, with this article, I’m not trying to say that if a man in a suit holding a cold brew and a dumbbell approaches you, you should immediately drop your things and sprint away. However, it is important for us to properly recognise the darker and potentially dangerous side of these so-called financial kings. And, if I hear one more person mansplain the stock market to me, I’ll lose it.

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