Real Legion from viral Who TF Did I Marry TikTok drama comes out with new response

By Charlie Sawyer

Published Feb 26, 2024 at 11:56 AM

Reading time: 2 minutes

On Wednesday 14 February 2024, TikToker @ReesaTeesa broke the internet, and disturbed everyone’s Valentine’s Day plans, when she released the first instalment of ‘Who TF Did I Marry’—a 50-part video series documenting all of the lies her psycho ex-husband told her. Now, over a week after Reesa dropped one of the wildest stories TikTok has ever seen, it seems as though her ex, whom she nicknamed “Legion,” is now keen to tell his side of the story.

Shortly after the video series began going viral, TikTok user @danni_19 posted a video on 17 February revealing that she had officially found Legion through Facebook. Legion, whose real name is allegedly Jerome ‘JC’ McCoy, quickly caught on to the fact that his identity had been exposed and subsequently posted a response video:


She kept his identity secret #atlantadating #jeromemccoyside #updatewhotfdidimarry #reesavsjerome #reesateesastory #reesateesalive #fyp #legion #legionlies

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In his response, McCoy asserts that the real reason the pair broke up is because Reesa cheated with a man named “Bradley.” Moreover, McCoy states that Reesa’s entire series is false and even implores her to stop lying to everyone…

Naturally, netizens immediately called bullshit, with one user commenting: “I think he lies so much he’s starting to believe it himself,” while another wrote: “You be gaslighting us here too!”

While Reesa has asked viewers not to try and contact McCoy because he’s “not well,” this hasn’t particularly dissuaded netizens. Plus, LaToya—the woman Reesa claims she didn’t know was McCoy’s first wife—has actually come forward herself to share her own truth:


#latoyafirstwife #legion #reesateesa #healing #painintopurpose #myhealthmymindandbodyradioshow tune in tonight at 9pm est.

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In her video, LaToya explains how, despite the fact that this chapter of her life is now closed, she felt it was important to corroborate Reesa’s story. “Despicable,” “nasty,” and “vile” are words LaToya uses to describe McCoy, continuing to state: “I, too, fell for the trap over ten years ago. Yes, he was charming and I was broken mentally. Understand, self-love was not here at all for me to love myself to understand that this is not love.”

“He had family turn against me because he wanted to tell people lies about me and things of that nature. And unfortunately, he’s very, very good at what he does. It took me many, many, many years to get past that,” LaToya continued.

Now, the plot thickens some more, as another video began circulating of McCoy filming himself with the caption stating that he is on his way to sue the ladies who have defamed him.


Diving into the Reesa Tessa story and the buzz around Legion's threat to sue for defamation. Let's break down why, under Georgia law, this lawsuit might not go as Legion plans. 🧐📚 In Georgia, for a defamation case to stick, the plaintiff must prove the statement was false and caused harm. 🚧⚖️. If Reesa Tessa shared her experiences or opinions without making false statements, it's her right under freedom of speech. Given these hurdles, Legion's path to a successful lawsuit looks pretty steep. #reesatessa #reesa #legion #exes #whotfdidimarry #lawsuit #lawyer #attorney #lawtok #lawyersoftiktok #slander #attorneysoftiktok #ladylawyer #ladylawyersoftiktok

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However, as explained by TikTok attorney @dbessesq, in order to succeed, McCoy would need to prove that the information Reesa has shared is false. And with so many women already corroborating Reesa’s story, it seems highly unlikely that McCoy would be able to make a case for himself.

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