MGK opens up about miscarriage with Megan Fox after couple’s short-lived break-up

By Abby Amoakuh

Published Feb 23, 2024 at 12:49 PM

Reading time: 2 minutes

Singer, songwriter and occasional vampirist Machine Gun Kelly, aka Colson Baker, made headlines this week for releasing a song about his miscarriage with Transformers star Megan Fox.

Back in November 2023, Fox revealed that the couple had suffered a devastating pregnancy loss that left a mark on their relationship. Despite their engagement in January 2022, the pair’s relationship has been quite tumultuous, with a source claiming in December 2023 that they were “on and off” following another apparent rough patch.

“So I put it into a lot of writing. He’s written about them in his albums as well, he wrote a couple of songs about the miscarriage. So it just felt like something that I could address publicly because it’s been addressed in one way through him, so I have a space to express as well,” Fox revealed in reference to her upcoming poetry book during an interview with WDD.

And it looks like we are finally getting a taste of the music this tragic event inspired. MGK’s new song titled ‘Don’t Let Me Go’ directly addresses having “lost the baby.” Furthermore, it seemingly expresses guilt over his apparent absence at that time.

“How can I live with the fact, that my hand wasn’t on her stomach when we lost the baby?” the musician questions in his new song.

Thus far, fans have reacted quite positively to ‘Don’t Let Me Go,’ praising it as an honest admission of the sadness and guilt that can follow an early pregnancy loss.

Nevertheless, a select few netizens accused the sometimes controversial singer of exploiting a personal tragedy for media attention.

Still, the majority of netizens weren’t having any slander and applauded the couple for dealing with their pain so creatively.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly already have four children between them. Fox shares three boys with her ex-husband actor Brian Austin Green. MGK, on the other hand, shares a daughter with his ex Emma Cannon.

While the loss of another child seemed to have been a gut-wrenching blow, it looks like the pair has weathered the storm and is going strong again.

MGK’s new blackout tattoo

As a testament to his everlasting love for the Jennifer’s Body star, MGK recently got a full blackout tattoo that covers half of his upper body and reaches down to his arms.

He told fans that he got the extra special ink for “spiritual reasons,” however, one source claims to be knowing a little bit more.

“Colson has told Megan that one major reason he did his latest blackout tattoo was not only for a spiritual reason, but he also wanted her to know he did it for her,” they told the Daily Mail.

According to an ET report, the two are in therapy and prioritising “constructive dialogue and personal growth.” Here’s to that!

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