60 rizz pick up lines that would put Tom Holland’s charm to shame

By Alma Fabiani

Updated Mar 8, 2024 at 11:43 AM

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From dirty pick up lines and pick up lines that actually work to funny pick up lines and cheesy pick up lines, it’s safe to say that the internet has seen its fair share of recommended ways to approach someone you fancy. Nowadays, the kids can even use ChatGPT to do all the dirty work for them. But as the social dynamics of flirting continue to evolve, so does the slang we use to talk about it. Enter “rizz”—a term that’s quickly become a staple in the modern dating lexicon, especially among Gen Z.


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What does rizz mean?

The term rizz refers to someone’s skill or finesse in attracting and seducing a potential romantic partner or sexual interest. It’s not just about having smooth pick-up lines; it’s about the whole package—charisma, charm, the way you carry yourself—all the intangibles that make someone irresistibly attractive. You get it.

The origin of rizz is a bit murky, but its explosion in popularity can be largely attributed to social media platforms, most notably TikTok, where users share and dissect their flirting successes and failures, often in a humorous and self-deprecating manner.

Interestingly, rizz has also been linked to actor Tom Holland, known for his role as Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Holland’s off-screen charm and his on-screen chemistry with his then-co-star, and now very official girlfriend, Zendaya have made him a prime example of rizz in action. Fans and followers often cite Holland as the embodiment of the term, pointing to his interviews and public appearances as proof of his natural ability to engage and enchant. I mean, even Zendaya herself confirmed that Holland has ultimate rizz.


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So, whether you’re a seasoned flirt or someone who turns to AI for a little conversational boost, understanding and mastering your rizz could be the key to making a memorable impression.

As we dive into the 60 best pick up lines with rizz, remember that the essence of the term goes beyond words. It’s about confidence, connection, and showing your genuine self. So, let’s explore how to weave that undeniable charm into your approach, shall we?

Best rizz pick up lines

“Are you my future? Because my parents told me to focus on you.”

“I want you… to look at the first three words.”

“Are you a vape? Because I’d never use you.”


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“I don’t have a pickup line but I’ll pick you up at nine.”

“I may be Batman, but you’re still Robin my heart.”

“Are you geometry? Because you look good at every angle?”

“Are you a hurdle? Because I can’t get over you.”

“Are you French? Because oui should date.”

“Are you French? Because Eiffel for you.”

“‘You’re’ and ‘your’ are two different words because you’re mine and I’m yours.”

“Are you a triangle? Because you’re an acute one.”

“Are you hair? Because I’m never cutting you off again.”

“Are you the top shelf? Because I’m trying to reach out to you.”

“Are you Japan? Because I just Tok-yo heart.”

“I don’t play cards but I feel like I’m about to pull a queen.”

“Can I get you a soccer jersey? I really want your name and number.”

“Do you play soccer? Because you’re definitely a keeper.”

“Do you like soccer? My favourite player is Ronaldo, but we can still get Messi.”

“Are you Legos? Because I’d never lego of you.”

“Are you my long hair? Because I miss you.”

“Are you public speaking? Because you make me nervous.”

“Are you anxiety? Because my heart races every time I see you.”

“I couldn’t fall asleep, so I fell for you instead.”

“I guess I’m a photographer because I can picture us together.”

“Are you a library book? Because I’m checking you out.”

“I’m a pen, you’re a highlighter. I write the future, you make it brighter.”

“Are you a piano? Because I won’t ever play you.”

“Ouch! Did you just come out of an oven? Because you are so hot.”

“I can be Wonder Woman, Catwoman, or your woman.”

“I can be Batman, Iron Man, Spider-Man, or your man.”

“All the rizz lines are taken… but are you taken?”

“No pen, no paper. But you still draw my attention.”

“Math is so confusing. It’s always talking about x and y and never you and I.”

“Are you the school stairs? Because you take my breath away.”

“Are you iron? Because I don’t get enough of you.”

“I’m not Abraham, but when are we Lincoln?”

“Albert Einstein said that ‘there is nothing faster than lightning.’ But he hasn’t seen how fast I fell for you.”

“Are you my bed? Because I never want to leave you.”

“Are you John Cena? Because I’ve never Cena girl like you before.”

“Are you chicken fingers and fries? Because I don’t care how many options I have, I will always choose you.”

“I’m so mad at Spotify. I searched for the hottest single and you weren’t there.”


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“Are you a high test score? Because I want to take you home and show you to my mum.”

“Are you a test? Because my mom said don’t cheat on important things.”

“Hey, is your mum an artist? Because she made a masterpiece.”

“My phone is 4G, but my heart is 4U.”

“Are you Captain Hook? Because I’m trying to play hooky with you.”

“If you were poison, you would be the death of me.”

“I don’t think I need glasses anymore because I can clearly see that we’re meant to be.”

“Are you my inhaler? Because I can’t breathe without you.”

“Are you a TV? Because I like watching you.”

“Are you Candy Crush? Because I have a crush on you.”

“Do you know the difference between history and you? History is the past and you are my future.”

“Are you a parking ticket? Because you’ve got fine written all over you.”

“Matching outfits are cool, but matching last names is cooler.”

“Are you a camera? Because when I look at you, I smile.”

“The alphabet starts with ABC. The numbers start with 123, but the universe starts with U N I.”

“Are you Amazon? Because in three hours, you’ll be at my door.”

“Is your name winter? Because you make me shiver with excitement.”

“Are you Christmas morning? Because I’ve been waiting all year for you to arrive.”

“Are you a Wi-Fi signal? Because I’m feeling a strong connection.”

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