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30 of the best cheesy pick up lines we’ve ever encountered

We’re back with more pick up line suggestions, and as you must have seen previously, we’ve covered the funny (or not so funny) ones for the jokers out there. Now, it’s time we hype our hopeless romantics and bring on the cheese, the real cringe factor. Remember what we said last time: if they ain’t feelin it, just leave it. Okay? Great. If you get to the end of this article without cringing, then these lines are probably made just for you. I hope for your sake that it’s not just you who does. Go get ‘em!

30 of the best cheesy pick up lines

1.“If it’s okay with you, I’d like to buy you a drink. You don’t have to talk to me after I do it.”

2.“Hey, my name is *your name*. If you think you might like to talk to me, you can tell me your name too. If not, just say nothing and I’ll walk away in about 4 seconds.”

3.“Let me tie your shoes, because I don’t want you falling for anyone else.”

4.“If you were a chicken, you’d be impeccable.”

5.“Most people call me *your name*, but you can call me tomorrow!”

6.“Do I know you? That’s a shame, I’d sure like to.”

7.“I’ve lost that loving feeling, will you help me find it again?”

8.“I seemed to have lost my number, any chance I could have yours?”

9.“Excuse me, do you know how much a polar bear weighs? No? Me neither but it breaks the ice.”

10.“Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk past again?”

11.“Wouldn’t we look cute on a wedding cake together?”

12.“My buddies bet me that I wouldn’t be able to start a conversation with the hottest person in the bar. Wanna buy some drinks with their money?”

13.*hold out hand* “Would you hold this for me while I go for a walk?”

14.“Are you going to kiss me or do I have to lie to my diary?”

15.“See my friend over there? He wants to know if you think I’m cute.”

16.“Is your name Wally? Because someone like you is hard to find.”

17.“Was that an earthquake or did you just rock my world?”

18.“Hello. Are you taking any applications for a boyfriend / girlfriend?”

19.“If you were a tear in my eye, I would not cry for fear of losing you.”

20.“Hi, I’m writing a paper on the finer things in life, and I was wondering if I could interview you?”

21.“See these keys? I wish I had the one to your heart.”

22.“If nothing lasts forever, will you be my nothing?”

23.“Are you a magician? Because whenever I look at you, everyone else disappears!”

24.“If I were a cat I’d spend all 9 lives with you.”

25.“This time next year let’s be laughing together.”

26.“I’m not a hoarder but I really want to keep you forever.”

27.“I hope your day has been as beautiful as you are.”

28.“No wonder the sky is grey today, all the blue is in your eyes.”

29.“You are the reason men / women fall in love.”

30.“Excuse me, I just noticed you noticing me and I just wanted to give you notice that I noticed you too.”

30 of the best funny pick up lines

Pick up line, anyone? Welcome, fellow bad daters. You are not alone. Let me change your game in a way that’s so hilariously bad, that it’s got to be good… one would hope. Here are 30 of the world’s funniest (or worst) pick up lines. Word of caution: if they ain’t laughin’, run Forest, run, because you might not be the only one delivering a punchline.

30 funny pickup lines

1.“If you’re feeling down, I can feel you up.”

2.“Are you a drill sergeant? Because you have my privates standing at attention.”

3.“I lost my keys… Can I check your pants?”

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4.“Do you like raisins? How do you feel about a date?”

5.“You know what winks and then screws like a tiger?” *winks*

6.“What’s a nice person like you doing in a dirty mind like mine?”

7.“Want to go halves on a baby?”

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8.“I was feeling very off today, but then you turned me on.”

9.“Do you have room for an extra tongue in your mouth?”

10.“Your shirt has to go, but you can stay.”

11.“My magical watch says you aren’t wearing any pants. Oh, you are? It must be an hour ahead.”

12.“Twinkle twinkle little star, we can do it in my car.”

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13.“‘I have a boy-friend’. Well, let me know when you’re ready to upgrade to a man!”

14.“Excuse me, I just shat in my pants. Can I get in yours?”

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15.“If I were a dog would you help me bury my bone?”

16.“Tonight, this Han doesn’t want to fly Solo.”

17.“I love you like a pig loves not being bacon.”

18.“I might not go down in history, but I’ll go down on you!”

19.“If nothing lasts forever, will you be my nothing?”

20.“Are you going to kiss me or do I have to lie to my diary?”

21.“There are a lot of fish in the sea, but you’re the only one I’d like to take back to my place and mount.”

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22.“I was so enchanted by you that I ran into that wall over there. So I am going to need your name and number for insurance purposes.”

23.“Don’t tell me if you want me to take you out to dinner. Just smile for yes, or do a backflip for no.”

24.“I’m going for a walk. Would you hold this?” *holds out hand*

25.“We’re quarantined in the same house, your options are kind of limited.”

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26.“I hear you’ve been a bad boy/girl. Now go to my room!”

27.“Do you want to give me an Australian kiss? It’s like French kissing but you’re going down under.”

28.“You bring a whole new meaning to the word ‘edible.’”

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29.“You see that door over there? Let’s go out.”

30.“Are you Stacey’s mom? Cause, you’ve got it going on.”

Alright, there’s your 30 pick up lines. Enjoy them, use them, don’t abuse them, make them work (somehow). Good luck!