Former boy band member accuses Taylor Swift of performing demonic rituals at concerts

By Fatou Ferraro Mboup

Published Feb 27, 2024 at 12:06 PM

Reading time: 2 minutes

Boyzone member Shane Lynch has stirred controversy by accusing global pop sensation Taylor Swift of incorporating “demonic” and “satanic” rituals into her live performances. In an interview with the Irish newspaper Sunday World, the 47-year-old Irish singer, known for his Christian beliefs, claimed that many artists, including Swift, engage in satanic rituals during their shows, with audiences remaining oblivious to these alleged practices.

During the interview, the former boy band star asserted: “I think when you’re looking at a lot of the artists out there, a lot of their stage shows are satanic rituals live in front of 20,000 people without them realising and recognising.”

Lynch pointed out elements like hoods, masks, and fire ceremonies, specifically mentioning Taylor Swift and her purported inclusion of “two or three different demonic rituals” during her performances, including the use of pentagrams on the stage.


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The 47-year-old expressed concern that many people perceive these acts as art, stating: “To a lot of people it’s just art, and that’s how people are seeing it, unfortunately.” Lynch further revealed that he has stopped listening to certain genres, particularly hip-hop and grime, due to what he believes are hidden satanic messages and “evil” beats within the music.

He went on to emphasise the real impact of music on emotions and spirituality, leading him to distance himself from genres that don’t align with his spiritual beliefs.

Lynch warned about the societal consequences, asserting: “It 100 per cent has an effect on society. I think our society has never been worse in many areas, and it starts with our children.” He attributed the perceived decline in society to influences from music that, in his view, attempt to divert individuals away from anything godly, controlled or disciplined.


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Despite his concerns, Lynch admitted that he wouldn’t impose restrictions on his daughters’ music choices. His daughters, aged 15 and 11, are allowed to explore and make their own decisions about the music they listen to, even though Lynch believes that music is dangerous.

This is not the first time that the musician has accused artists of performing demonic rituals, rather, these recent comments echo Lynch’s previous statements made during a Premier Christianity radio podcast from 2023, where he labelled both Beyoncé and Sam Smith as “so demonic it’s unbelievable.”

As if that wasn’t enough drama for Miss Swift, in a bizarre twist of events, recent reports have highlighted an incident involving Taylor Swift’s father, Scott Swift, who is being accused of assaulting an Australian photographer on the Sydney Harbour wharf after his daughter’s final concert. The police are investigating the incident, and it is claimed that Swift’s father allegedly punched the photographer, who did not require medical treatment.

Swift’s representative has not commented on Shane Lynch’s allegations or her father’s recent altercation yet.

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