TikToker Leo Skepi faces backlash for fatphobic comments in now-deleted video

By Charlie Sawyer

Published Apr 9, 2024 at 01:45 PM

Reading time: 2 minutes

Up until a few days ago, TikToker Leo Skepi was best known for his pristine black tank tops and comically deep voice. Funny yet often to the point and charmingly blunt, Skepi was a regular fixture on my FYP. Now, however, I think it’s fair to say that a lot of people’s opinions of the internet personality have dramatically changed, including my own.

On Monday 8 April 2024, Skepi posted a now-deleted video where he stated that brands should not have to cater their clothes for every size and that size inclusivity is not a right or a guarantee. During the video, Skepi goes on to also make several inflammatory comments, some of which have been labelled as fatphobic.

For anyone who hasn’t seen the video, some of the content creator’s standout comments included: “A brand not making your size in something does not give you grounds to talk shit and degrade the brand,” and “Brands are allowed to want a certain look and image with their products, they are allowed to make things for the people they want to make them for.”

Already a potentially controversial and problematic take, Skepi goes on to speak about how when he was fat himself he used to think that clothing was simply unflattering on him, however, he then concluded that he felt it was his body that was the unflattering element.

These statements naturally prompted a number of creators to stitch the TikToker’s clip and respond:


As someone with a degree in sociology, I just had to comment on this. Not to mention I myself am on a weight loss journey, but that doesn’t mean I will advocate for fat people to have less accessibility. This is why I always say it’s important to love yourself even while you’re losing weight because if you hate yourself just because you’re in a bigger body, you turn into people like this who are so bitter & wack. #leoskepi #badtake #fatphobia #discriminationawareness #fyp #foryoupage

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Notably Tess Holliday, an incredibly successful American plus-size model took to TikTok to also share some of her thoughts on the controversial video. Holliday’s response, which now has over 500,000 views, begins with the influencer stating “I don’t think this is going to go the way you want it to bestie. I think it’s weird that you are inserting yourself into a conversation that has nothing to do with you honey and your fatphobia is showing.”


Holliday went on to critique: “I think that this take is just so weird. I’m baffled honestly, what would you know about not fitting into clothes or having clothes that fit you, is that something that you’ve struggled with or that you struggle with? As someone who has modelled and been on runways and worked for designers, I can tell you that they do want us in their clothes, the ones that have worked with us.”

It’s definitely clear that Skepi’s ‘hot take’ landed like a sack of sh*t—and creators aren’t going to let him simply move on from it. TikTok is an eternal place, so if you’re planning on unleashing some pretty problematic opinions, prepare yourself for the backlash.

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