Watch these amazing videos from the men teaching TikTok how to sew

By Fatou Ferraro Mboup

Published Aug 2, 2023 at 02:41 PM

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According to TikTok data provided to Fashionista, male users have played a big role in the recent rise in the popularity of sewing on the platform. #sewing has over 20.9 billion views at the time of writing. Meanwhile, #boyswhosew currently boasts 9.3 million views.

With a surge of male influencers on the app, it’s no surprise that talented male creators are now empowering a new generation of seamstresses and promoting inclusivity within the crafting community. Among them are Brandon Hayden and Kai McPhee, who have garnered significant followings thanks to their accessible and inspiring sewing tutorials.

Hayden, who goes by the handle @happilydressed on TikTok, has garnered just under 20,000 followers through his sewing videos. He began his sewing journey at 21 when he bought a Singer 4452 Heavy Duty sewing machine, aspiring to tailor his thrifted wardrobe. Despite facing challenges with his initial denim crossbody bag project, Hayden persisted, and now, five years later, his success stands as a source of inspiration for his followers.

#Boyswhosew challenge gender norms on TikTok

Male creators like McPhee (@knawtkai) are using the platform to break gender norms associated with sewing. McPhee discovered his passion for sewing in high school and, during the COVID-19 pandemic, grew his following to more than 368,000 with his ‘Sewing 101’ videos:


ive been so stressed, thats why i been a little MIA but yea lefs hope this trip goes well🫣 #sewingproject #diyjorts

♬ original sound - kai

a quick lesson, lmk if u have any questions! #sewing101

♬ Icytwat X Ethereal Type Beat "Stars" - Bvtter

Speaking to Fashionista, McPhee revealed that he initially felt nervous to share his DIY journey due to the lack of male sewers out there. Turning this into a strength, the content creator now aims to inspire creativity in men by challenging gender norms and promoting sewing as a rewarding and fulfilling skill.

“Even family members would say, ‘Oh, you sew?’ And they would be impressed, just because I’m a man. But men are missing out on so much because we’re not sewing. I want to spark that creativity,” McPhee told the publication.

The rise of male sewing creators on TikTok offers accessible, bite-sized educational content for viewers, fueling interest in the craft. Both Hayden and McPhee emphasise engaging with their audiences, offering help and insight to those eager to learn. They appreciate the platform’s algorithm that boosts relevant content to reach a broader audience.

Next up is @Daddyfiles, a talented 9-year-old creator on TikTok, who’s gone viral many times for showcasing his impressive sewing skills with beautiful projects. With unwavering support from his father, he shares engaging content that breaks gender norms, empowers male creators, and demonstrates the limitless potential that sewing offers. Through his inspiring videos, he encourages others to embark on their own creative journeys in the world of sewing:


SAM SEWING DROP: A bee bag, rizz, and a Mean Girls reference. 🤣🪡♥️ #sewing #sewtok #sewingtiktok #totebag #boyswhosew #parenting #raisingboys #sewingforyoupage

♬ original sound - Aaron

🚨NEW SAM SEWING DROP🚨 A dress for his Nana. #sewing #sewingtiktok #sewingforyoupage #sewtok #boyswhosew #samsewgood #sundress #kidssewing #parenting #nana

♬ original sound - Aaron

Sewing class with Sam. See his process & make a new bag (and persevere through hardships). #sewing #samsewgood #sewtok #sewingtiktok #boyswhosew #parenting #kidssewing

♬ original sound - Aaron

@glory.allan not only showcases his remarkable sewing skills but also shares invaluable tips on finding super-affordable fabrics and where to source the best materials for upcoming projects.

His dedication to promoting inclusivity within the crafting community is evident as he breaks barriers and encourages aspiring sewers to explore their creative potential. With a keen eye for budget-friendly fabric finds, Allan makes sewing more approachable for all, proving that creativity knows no bounds:


#AD Anything handmade and original is going to outweigh store bought garments a million to one. Sewing is our medium to let our creative ideas flow from our mind to our hands. #NEVERSQUARE #CRISPERS #sewing #sewingtiktok #sewingforyoupage

♬ original sound - Glory Allan

if it weren’t for the skinny jean era… #sewing #sewingtiktok #sewingforyoupage #sewingtutorial #sewingdiy #sewingskills #sewingtips

♬ -

Add these to your “sewing queue” and work ur way up to sewing a full, handmade outfit 😈 #sewing #sewingtiktok

♬ Big mood - aApVision

somebody could have told me 🫠 #handmade #sewing #sewinghacks #sewingmachine

♬ original sound - Bark + Shout

she told me i *seam* irresponsible #sewing #fabric #sewingtiktok #sewingforyoupage #CapCut

♬ original sound - Glory Allan

@thewizardtailor’s TikTok offers captivating sewing content, resonating with men who want to explore new creative horizons through sewing:


When was the last time you wore a cape? Tuxedo cape by me, shirt is ASOS #sewing#diy#couture#fashion#handmade#fyp#mensfashion#guyswhosew

♬ Electric Love - BØRNS

And have you seen this incredibly cute dog collar from @toppooch?


Make a collar with me 🪡 It takes a lot of patience, but each order it worth the time ☺️. #handmade #tartan #dogcollar #dogs #puppies #fypage #boyswhosew #smallbusiness #smallbusinessuk

♬ Ruthless Sugar (Two AM Music) - Sek Hao Ho

Meanwhile, @Dustintoddrennells is challenging traditional perceptions and encouraging others to embrace this rewarding art one Legally Blonde costume at a time.


#legallyblonde #ellewoods #laurabellbundy #quickchange #reveal #transformation #musicaltheatre #broadway #costume #costumedesign #boyswhosew #sewing

♬ original sound - Dustin Todd Rennells

Anyone looking for a last-minute summer fit?


Jetting off to sunny shores, heading to a festival or BBQ-ing in the back garden? Whatever your summer plans are, @houseofnev has the outfit you need! He used our Minerva Exclusive Antigua Breeze to create this stylish co-ord set! #sewsewsew #sewistsoftiktok #sewingtiktok #sewersgonnasew #makersgonnamake #boyssewtoo #mensewtoo #dopemensew #boyswhosew #menwhosew #minervamakes #minervacommunity #minerva #minervabrandambassador #minervamakers #wesewtoo

♬ Makeba (Ian Asher Remix) - Jain & Ian Asher

Last but certainly not least, we’re obsessed with this collage-inspired quilt:


Fun lil collage appliqué guy. 🚨 #handmade #quilt #applique #mensfashion #trans #boyswhosew #collage #handsewn

♬ Rose Colored Lenses - Miley Cyrus

 So, what are you waiting for? Get sewing!

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