From bringing you sweet dreams to helping relieve anxiety, here are our top weighted blankets

By Francesca Johnson

Updated Jan 10, 2022 at 01:14 PM

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It’s the winter season, which means it’s the perfect time for those classic hot mugs of pumpkin spice and all things nice, fuzzy socks and sitting down to watch all your favourite comfort films and shows. But the perfect evening curled on the couch surely can’t be complete without a cosy blanket, can it? And why settle for a normal one, when weighted blankets can do more than just wrap you up warm before bed?

Before we get into bed with the blankets in question, let’s peek into the industry behind the innovation—starting with weighted sleepwear and sportswear. Featuring gravity training apparel like vests, top and bottom sets with added weights, Omorpho—an upcoming athleisure brand backed up by star athletes like tennis champ Ajla Tomljanović—are making workouts more effective, albeit cooler. When these weights shift onto our beds, even celebrities have caught onto the concept, as well as us fellow simpletons, and the blankets are now everywhere. Fit for every purpose, some even come with sleeves. In a world where comfort is king, and daylight savings makes us all want to snuggle up sound asleep, we are always on the hunt for items to tuck ourselves in when we’re tuckered out with life. And, with their multipurpose use—yes, they’re not just a way to literally help you sleep tight at night—these cosy comforters can actually help ease both anxiety and insomnia. So, if your main prerogative is to relax, then sit back as we list off some of the top brands to get your new bedtime buddy. But first, let’s have a quick look at what weighted blankets are and how they actually work.

What is a weighted blanket?

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Before we get to grips with the science behind how they work and how to cop the best one for you, we should get clued up on this nifty nighttime item. Basically, weighted blankets are just heavy blankets. It’s exactly what it says on the tin: a throw where the weight is evenly distributed throughout, one that bundles you up while using it. They are typically made from cotton, or various other soft materials, and have beads (either glass or some form of plastic) lined inside of them to add weight. Though, newer versions opt-out of the beaded interior and the covers they come with entirely, and instead create that sought after heaviness by simply layering the cotton.

Perfect for swaddling you to sleep—with some actually designed to actively cool you down—these blankets can cocoon you into a restful state. They use deep touch pressure (DTP), a type of sensory input that arises from hugging and squeezing you. Much like the weighted Moon Pal, DTP (that hugging and squeezing sensation) is thought to reduce stress and bring comfort. This, in turn, helps them to ground you, affecting your hormone levels, and overall, lessening feelings of anxiety.

Some things to remember—the weight should be between 5 to 10 per cent of your body weight. So for an adult, a blanket could or should range between 10 to 30 pounds. Weighted blankets are generally safe to sleep with every night, but should be removed if it begins to feel too heavy. Always consult your doctor first if you have any sort of medical condition or any concerns about using one.

Why should you get a weighted blanket?

Everyone can do with a good hug these days, and actually, they tend to make people feel calmer and more at ease. If anxiety is described as the condition that puts you in fight or flight mode, then weighted blankets combat it head on in a rest and digest. Like sleeping naked, or the feel-good freedom that comes from masturbation, hugs cause the release of oxytocin—a hormone that helps knock your blood pressure down a peg, slows that thumping heart, and makes you feel cool as a cucumber.

Weighted blankets simulate this experience and also release that oh-so-loved serotonin, a hormone that decreases stress. They also help to ground you, an important factor in aiding your sleep. Evidence provided by the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine found that the body being grounded, or weighed down, actually leads to a more satisfying sleep because the secretion of cortisol is regulated during it. That’s right guys, cortisol, the same fear-striking stress hormone that flares when you’re anxious—and leads alpacas to have a taste for classical music—has a hand in how well you sleep.

So, we’ve piqued your interest. Let’s have a look at some of the weighted blankets already out there.

Top weighted blanket brands for you

With the market for blanket options growing wider by the day, from Amazon to independent sellers, here’s the best weighted blankets for all your different chillaxing needs.


You might have already heard of the Gravity Blanket since it’s got a thriving following of over 78,000 followers on Instagram. Gravity—the company behind the infamous Gravity Weighted Blanket—caters to all of your sleeping needs,from weighted sleep masks to matching robes. Its popular Gravity Weighted Blanket for adults is a consumer favourite retailing for £180, comes in a cool dark grey shade, is hypoallergenic and perfectly sized to cocoon one person on a bed or sofa.

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A more affordable option, but still top-of-the-line, is the Weighted Blanket by Mela. Mela has over 25,000 followers on Instagram, and was even named ‘Best Weighted Blanket’ of 2019 to 2021 by the Evening Standard. Sitting at £120 (keep an eye out for the company’s price slashes), it also has the stamp of approval from Good Housekeeping. Available for single, double and king size beds, a large selling point of their blanket is the “anti-rustle” glass quartz pellets it’s made from, which “move around silently and mould to your body shape,” as stated on its website.


For those really looking for a blanket to help with anxiety, Karmara is the brand for you. It stocks a wide range of weighted blankets that target specific sensory needs for fibromyalgia, autism, Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and anxiety in both children and adults. Its irresistibly soft £49 Karmara Snug, for example, in a cool elephant gray is “the perfect way to help you relax on those cold winter days” according to the company’s website. The blanket is filled with glass micro-beads, “made from 100 per cent organic cotton,” is biodegradable and hypoallergenic.


On a budget? I got you, the RATEL Weighted Blanket comes in at just shy of £40—bargain. Sold on Amazon, this accessible and affordable weighted blanket brand offers a range of quilted and fleece blankets for both adults and children. The blanket weighs 7.2 kilograms and is made from high-quality cotton and is lined with glass beads for that weighted feel.


With an Instagram following soon to reach 10,000, Remy is an international weighted blanket brand for all your comfy cover needs. Featured in publications like GQ, Remy is a brand to look out for. Remy’s The Sleeper—a fan-favorite with its 360° zipper fastening system and bamboo cover—comes in an array of colour options, standing out against the standard gray and muted colour choices for most brands. The company also invested in a sleep study testing their products, which found that out of 512 participants, 83 per cent reported better sleep, and a resounding 90 per cent claimed feeling less stressed when asked questions about their wellbeing while using Remy products.


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If you’re looking for a more kid-friendly weighted blanket, then Snoozzzy is the brand for you. The brand primarily focuses on children’s wellbeing and specialises in weighted blankets. With patterned blankets like its Dinosaur Cover and Blanket, that come with removable covers, priced at £85. The Independent recommended the Snoozzzy for its “special attention to detail and consideration for children’s safety.” The cover and blanket stitching, as well as the zips, underwent “rigorous strength-testing” during development to make it as safe as possible. Another bonus is the dyes used are formaldehyde-free, so this blanket is perfect for helping children sleep soundly, safely and in style.


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So, whether it’s to relieve anxiety or simply to fulfil your warm and fuzzy needs as the days get colder, weighted blankets might just be something topping a couple of Christmas lists this year.

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