Fans believe Harry Styles is ‘pulling a Liam Payne’ with his new accent – Screen Shot
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Fans believe Harry Styles is ‘pulling a Liam Payne’ with his new accent

Celebrity accents have been all the buzz this week. It started off with people thinking Kim Kardashian is starting to sound like Pete Davidson to the now hotly divisive discussions online about the ever-changing accent of Harry Styles.

The ex-One Directioner, who is set to release his third album Harry’s House on Friday 20 May, sat down for an Apple Music interview with Zane Lowe. In it, the legendary pop star discussed numerous subjects that were both vulnerable and enlightening—opening up about the impact of success, his relationship with therapy and how he was “thankful” to Billie Eilish for liberating him.

But that’s not what the internet is in a flutter about. No, apparently Styles is ‘pulling a Liam Payne’ with a confusing accent that has left fans stumped.

“I’m sorry but between his Apple Music and Howard Stern interview I literally can not get over Harry Styles’ new Australian accent. What in the Liam Payne is going on,” BuzzFeed celebrity reporter Stephanie Soteriou wrote, referring to the infamous viral accent Payne debuted at an Oscar Party.

Other users felt Styles’ accent had become more Americanised. “No I need to know what the hell [Harry Styles’] accent is and where the hell has it come from! It’s gone Doncaster to Alabama,” one tweet read. Another wrote, “I love Harry Styles so much but what’s with his accent—so many different accents in one. “That’s the accent of a lad who has come back from his gap year travels,” a third said.

Emily Baker, the TV Editor at The i, also admitted: “I shan’t be watching or engaging in any of the Harry Styles interview content because I cannot stomach the change in his lovely northern accent. Thanks for understanding.”

The artist is set to debut a one-off show at Brixton’s O2 Academy on Tuesday 24 May as part of the new album release following a similar one-off show in New York on Friday 20 May. Meanwhile, his Love On Tour stadium shows in the UK are set to begin in June.

Noel Gallagher ruthlessly slams Harry Styles for not being a ‘real’ musician or genuine songwriter

After One Direction officially split in 2016, former band member Harry Styles has, for some, reached icon status as a solo artist, topping the charts with his self-penned songs and winning his first Grammy in 2021, as well as an upcoming actor, filming roles on the big screen. But coming out with two solo albums and having a third one on the way—we honestly can’t wait for Harry’s House—doesn’t seem to be enough in the eyes of English singer-songwriter, former Oasis star and infamous hater Noel Gallagher.

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Gallagher recently told the Daily Star that “anything that has come from [The X Factor]” has “nothing to do with music.” Speaking more specifically about Styles, he continued, “You’re not telling me Harry Styles is currently in a room somewhere writing a song. With any joy, he’ll be surrounded by a lot of girls. I can assure you he’s not got an acoustic guitar out trying to write a middle eight for something.”

The bitter rock star—who is often making headlines for laying into whoever’s popular at that moment (who can forget his Little Mix jibe?)—went on to claim that stars who made it on The X Factor don’t work as hard as “real” artists. To name but a few, the iconic show launched the careers of the aforementioned girl band, Leona Lewis, Olly Murs, Alexandra Burke and of course, One Direction.

Though we like to think that we’re mature enough to not take Gallagher’s comments to heart, we’d also like to point out one thing here: Styles has co-writing credits on every song he’s released since going solo, including his new single ‘As It Was’—which is a total bop, by the way.

For those of you who have been living under a rock, Styles returned to the music scene last week with his new track, which looks set to earn the heartthrob his second solo number one in the UK.

Rolling Stone also reported that the ex One Direction favourite has taken it quite a few steps further than the acoustic guitar, “For Fine Line cut ‘Canyon Moon’, he tracked down Joellen Lapidus, the woman who built the dulcimer that Joni Mitchell herself plays throughout her classic 1971 album Blue.”

As of now, Styles or any of his representatives have not responded to Gallagher’s pathetic pass. And honestly, we doubt they ever will. We like to think that the Pleasing founder is bigger than that… Treat People With Kindness after all.