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Katy Perry reveals fiancé Orlando Bloom’s WORST unhygienic habit

By Alma Fabiani

Jan 18, 2022


American pop star Katy Perry has recently revealed what she believes to be her fiancé Orlando Bloom’s worst habit to date. The ‘I Kissed A Girl’ singer, who has been with the Lord of the Rings actor since 2016, spoke about it during an interview with the UK radio network Heart.

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Speaking to hosts Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden, Perry said, “Oh my God, he loves to floss, which thank god, because some partners don’t and it’s disgusting and he has brilliant teeth.” But that wasn’t exactly what seemed to bother her when it came to Bloom—who doesn’t like a man with good teeth hygiene after all?

Perry continued, “But he leaves the floss, everywhere! On the side of my bed, and in the car, and on the kitchen table, I’m like, ‘There is bins everywhere’.” She added that she has “done [her] best” to train him out of the habit, but to no avail.

Although the singer highlighted this specific habit as her fiancé’s worst habit, we beg to differ. Back in 2008, a mysterious source only known as “a friend of Victoria’s Secret’s model Miranda Kerr,” who was married to Bloom at the time, told METRO that the actor had been ordered to take a shower by the model who claimed he was “too smelly.”

The publication went on to report that Kerr was also upset because Bloom let his dog Sidi sleep in his bed and slobber all over him, adding to his funky smell. The source further claimed the Pirates of the Caribbean actor refused to shower when he was not on set, adding, “He’ll wear the same jeans for a week before he throws them in the washer. Same goes for his sweaters, T-shirts and socks.”

That being said, we doubt that Perry, who is a judge on American Idol, started a Las Vegas residency in December 2021, and has one daughter with Bloom, would accept living with a smelly pirate.