WWE star invites Drake and Kendrick Lamar to settle their beef in the wrestling ring

By Fatou Ferraro Mboup

Published May 8, 2024 at 12:19 PM

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A notable development in the ongoing feud between rap heavyweights Drake and Kendrick Lamar has emerged, taking an unexpected turn with a suggestion from American WWE star Shawn Michaels. The tension between the two artists, which has been escalating over the past month and has even been the potential source of a drive-by shooting outside of Drake’s home, has now intensified to such a point that Michaels has suggested that the pair deuce it out in the ring.

So, what has Michaels got to do with this rap beef? Well, after Kendrick Lamar’s recent track ‘Not Like Us’ referred to the wrestler’s famous finishing move, the WWE star offered to play mediator by proposing a rather unconventional solution for the two rappers: settling the dispute in the wrestling ring, more precisely at WWE’s upcoming NXT event.

The tweet garnered significant attention online, with one user stating, “THIS is the finale we need,” while another echoed the sentiment, writing “This would be epic. Do it.” Another commenter expressed: “Can we make it happen???”

Meanwhile, a Wikipedia page documenting the feud has surfaced amid the drama surrounding the Drake-Lamar beef.

However, the feud took a disturbing turn on Tuesday 7 May, when a shooting occurred outside Drake’s Canadian residence in Toronto. Reports indicate that a security guard at Drake’s mansion was seriously injured in a drive-by attack. Police promptly cordoned off the area, and the victim underwent surgery for chest injuries, fortunately not life-threatening.

Adding to the chaos, Drake’s store in London, OVO, was vandalised on the same day. This incident has led many to speculate about its connection to the ongoing beef with Kendrick Lamar, who has accused Drake of predatory and paedophilic behaviour towards young women.

In ‘Meet the Grahams’, Lamar directly confronts Drake, expressing grave concerns about the safety of children in his presence. He emphasises the importance of shielding daughters from individuals like Drake, painting a disturbing picture of potential dangers.


DRAKE IS FINIHSED BRO #drake #kendricklamar #kendrickdiss #drakediss

♬ Kendrick Not Like Us - Intelligence Ability

As investigations continue into the shooting outside Drake’s Canadian residence and the vandalism of his London store, the alleged connection to the ongoing beef with Kendrick Lamar remains a topic of speculation. However, official confirmation of any such link is pending.

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