Two Seth Rogen fans paid $40,000 each to smoke weed and learn pottery with the actor – Screen Shot
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Two Seth Rogen fans paid $40,000 each to smoke weed and learn pottery with the actor

What would you do for the chance to spend hours of quality time with your favourite celebrity? More specifically, would you be okay with shelling out $40,000 (just under £33,000) if it guaranteed you a smoking session with none other than Superbad actor and renowned stoner Seth Rogen?

Sadly for most of us, this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity will remain just that, because the chances of you or I spending that much money on anything—let alone finding the funds in the first place—are pretty slim.

For two incredibly lucky Roger fans however, their dream became reality thanks to a recent auction organised by the actor and his wife Lauren Miller Rogen during their annual Hilarity for Charity (HFC) event, which raises funds for Alzheimer’s awareness and caregiver support.

Held on 1 October 2022, the evening featured guest appearances from some of the biggest names in the media industry and included a live performance from John Mayer. In fact, the American singer himself even put up a signed guitar and a private virtual concert, which someone snapped up for a mere $26,000 (£21,339).

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Someone else also paid $26,000 for them and five of their friends to get a cooking lesson from Momofuku chef David Chang. Another forked out $24,000 (£19,697) for a private skateboarding lesson for four with sporting icon Tony Hawk.

In total, the star-studded event raised a colossal $860,000 (£707,350) for the charity. Speaking at the after-party, Rogen joked: “Ten years we’ve been doing this. I’m still a famous person, that’s nice! This whole thing could have come crashing down, but no.”

Don’t get it twisted though, while Rogen might be one of the first celebrities who come to mind when you’re thinking of famous stoners, he’s got nothing on Snoop Dogg.

On the one hand, you have a couple of impulsive fans paying a hefty prize to get high with the American-Canadian star. On the other hand, you have Snoop, who’s the one doing the paying for someone to roll his blunts for him.

That’s about as good as life gets.

Snoop Dogg reveals only one person in the entire world can outsmoke him

The United Nations was established in 1945, there are 118 elements in the periodic table, Saturn is the planet which has the most moons and… Snoop Dogg is the legendary celebrity who loves to roll blunts and puff himself into another dimension.

While all of this is general knowledge, everyone has been curious to know two things in regards to the latter: how much weed does Snoop actually smoke each day and is there truly anyone on Earth who can beat the enthusiast at his own game? Well, as it turns out, the icon himself has answered both these questions in the past.

In an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session hosted on Reddit, the Doggfather admitted that he smokes a whopping 81 blunts everyday. To put things into perspective, that’s one blunt every 12 minutes and 567 blunts every week, assuming he sleeps for eight hours in a day—an easy feat given the fact that he has a professional blunt roller (PBR, yes the job title has its own acronym in the industry) who even made headlines for getting a pay rise due to inflation earlier this year.

Now onto the next unsolved mystery of the world: is there any mortal among us who can outsmoke Snoop himself? Maybe his buddy Seth Rogen who “knows how to make a joint that looks like a cross”? Surely it’s not his “partner in wine” Martha Stewart… right?

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During one of his appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Snoop discussed his gospel album Bible of Love and his belief in heaven before the host queried him about the top dogs in the weed industry. “Seth Rogen was here last week and we were talking about the Mount Rushmore of pot smokers and, of course, you are on that Mount Rushmore. Who would you put on that Mount Rushmore?” Kimmel asked.

To this, Snoop replied, “I would put Bob Marley, Cheech and Chong… they [were] the first faces, they [were] the ones who showed us where the mountain was.” However, he crowned the actual king in his later remarks. Drum roll, please. Enter American country musician Willie P. Nelson.

“Willie P. Nelson is definitely on there,” the ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’ hitmaker admitted. “And by the way, Willie Nelson is the only person who has ever outsmoked Snoop Dogg. I had to hit the ‘Time-out’ button.” When asked if he had to hit that button before, Snoop replied: “Never. Never.”

In an interview with the Daily Beast, Nelson later corroborated the story by stating, “That was over in Amsterdam! I called Snoop and I said, ‘Hey buddy, you gotta come over here. This is where it’s at!’. So he came over and we hit every bar, every smoke place in Amsterdam. We had a helluva time.”

When asked about his proficiency with weed, Nelson continued, “Oh, I don’t know. There’s probably people that can outsmoke me! I don’t do a lot of smoking anymore. I’ve switched over to a vaporizer because it’s better on my lungs.”

And in case you’re wondering if Snoop himself has any nuggets of wisdom to share about his relationship with, as Martha Stewart put it, “special cigarettes,” here’s what he previously shared with Esquire: “Weed: It makes me feel the way I need to feel.” The 2008 version of Machine Gun Kelly’s “I am weed,” if you really think about it.