The incredible story behind how Snoop Dogg inspired Martha Stewart to start her own weed farm

By Malavika Pradeep

Published Dec 7, 2022 at 10:47 AM

Reading time: 2 minutes

In November 2008, the world witnessed lifestyle queen Martha Stewart and American rapper and weed connoisseur Snoop Dogg mash potatoes together. In December 2009, the unlikely duo teamed up again to make a suspicious batch of green brownies that Snoop joked were “environmental.” Since then, Stewart and Snoop have fostered a dynamic friendship—despite having a 30-year age gap between them.

Stewart inspired the ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’ hitmaker to start a joint cooking show on VH1 called Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party, sell a line of premium candles, and even give gardening tips during the COVID-19 pandemic, while Snoop helped the 81-year-old debut a brand new reputation as America’s cool weed grandma.

During her 2015 appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Stewart denied that she and Snoop had previously smoked marijuana together. However, she did admit to “getting high just sitting there,” and mentioned that “secondary smoke is just as powerful as primary smoke.”

Fast forward to June 2022, the controversial cook revealed that her passive smoking seshes with the rapper actually make her feel “fabulous.” Meanwhile, Snoop went on to dub Stewart “the secondhand queen.”

“I make sure she gets all the secondhand smoke,” Snoop said on The Martha Stewart Podcast. And while the domestic guru claimed that she had not “taken up the habit” on her own “yet,” she raved about her secondhand experiences. “I must tell you, it makes me feel really good,” Stewart mentioned. “It does not disturb my concentration. In fact, I think it makes it even better and it doesn’t make me tired or any of the things people say marijuana does to you. It’s fantastic, I think it’s great.”

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Having baked cookies shaped like cannabis leaves and featured in lighter ads together, it was then unsurprising to witness Stewart turn her and Snoop’s favourite pastime into a business venture.

Signing a deal with Canada’s second largest cannabis industry company, Canopy Growth, Stewart became an advisor for a new line of cannabidiol (CBD) products aimed at people and pets. This followed the news that Whoopi Goldberg had launched her own line of cannabis-infused products that claimed to ease menstrual pain.

In 2019, Stewart credited her “good friend” Snoop for connecting her to Canopy Growth. It’s worth noting that the rapper’s cannabis brand, Leafs by Snoop, is also under the company’s umbrella. “The thought here was, since my interest lies in animals and beauty, that it would be an advisory position in the CBD arena through a licensing agreement I will personally oversee,” the domestic diva said.

“We are already working on the development of a sensible line of CBD products for dogs, and hopefully for cats, and then horses and larger livestock. I am very interested in their wellbeing and not keen on serving up pharmaceuticals.”

In The Martha Stewart Podcast, she spoke about the benefits of cannabis for medicinal purposes and thanked Snoop for getting her into the CBD business. While the rapper admitted he was inspired to invest in the medical marijuana industry after losing several people he loved to cancer and seeing a need for pain relief, Stewart noted that medical marijuana “should be more acceptable than it is right now.”

During an episode of E! News’ Daily Pop, Snoop later revealed that Stewart was inspired by his personal marijuana stockpile to start her own… only on a much larger scale. “She got into my stash and started growing,” the 51-year-old shared. “She got big ass plantations, acres of acres of land.” However, according to the weed enthusiast, the lifestyle queen’s stash isn’t “whack,” as he recalls telling her: “Well, shit Martha, you may need to open up a growery.”

Nevertheless, Snoop is still on Stewart’s VIP list for the iconic Thanksgiving party she hosts every year. “Change is good,” the 81-year-old wrote in her blog in November 2022. “And also learning from people—I’ve learned so much from Snoop Dogg.” As per Stewart, the artist has taught her a lot about music and how to do business in a different way.

“We have really, I think, helped each other,” she admitted. “And that’s another thing: You learn from old friends and you learn from new friends, and I’ve learned a lot from Snoop.”

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