Snoop Dogg reveals why he always microwaves his blunts before smoking them – Screen Shot
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Snoop Dogg reveals why he always microwaves his blunts before smoking them

Snoop Dogg’s brand has become so synonymous with weed that I expect there are crowds of people who go through their days blindly believing that the American rapper actually invented cannabis. The superstar stoner—or ‘Doggfather’ as he’s affectionately known—has always been incredibly transparent about his favourite extracurricular activity, and now we’ve been gifted with Snoop’s most valuable weed wisdom: always microwave a joint for approximately 11 seconds before smoking it.

Now, you might be thinking, ‘a store-bought curry and rolled blunt don’t appear to be natural neighbours in the microwave,’ however, you’d be wrong. During a 2010 interview with Canadian musician and presenter, Nardwuar, the rapper was prompted to explain himself after he casually began to roast his pre-rolled blunt.

According to Snoop, by placing your cannabis concoction in the microwave for a mere 11 seconds, you can “trap all the ingredients inside.”

The ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’ singer has been known for sharing some wild secrets to the public. In 2008, he shocked fans everywhere by revealing that he was only eight years old when he first dabbled with marijuana. More recently, Snoop dominated headlines after admitting to TV host Jimmy Kimmel that 89-year-old Willie Nelson was the only living human who could outsmoke him. Imagine the lung capacity it takes to beat the legend at his own game…

Back to the microwaving magic. Herb—the internet’s resident home for cannabis enthusiasts—recently corroborated Snoop’s theory. The publication went into an extreme level of detail, so bear with me as I attempt to break it down in the simplest way possible.

Decarboxylation is a term that circulates within the weed-smoking community often. Primarily, it refers to the process of heating weed in order to activate the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). For example, if you’re looking to make edibles, it’s essential you first go through the decarboxylation process before mixing your cannabis with your tasty treats. If the THC and cannabidiol (CBD) are not activated, you will not experience anything when you consume them.

Essentially, no decarboxylation, no high.

Another term to remember is terpenes, which—according to Healthline—are naturally occurring chemical compounds found in plants and some animals. They’re responsible for the aromas, flavours, and even colours associated with various types of vegetation. In terms of cannabis, terpenes are what make certain strains smell or taste different from others.

Now, if you put a blunt in the oven, in order to start the decarboxylation process, there’s a chance some of the terpenes will evaporate. However, by putting a blunt in the microwave for a short period of time, it still allows for the heat to activate the THC, without losing those crucial flavours.

So, as already suspected, Snoop truly is the King of weed—spreading wisdom throughout the huffing and puffing dragon land to his loyal and loving subjects.


If y’all don’t microwave your blunts your lame 🤣#snoopdogg #microwave #fyp

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Fans shocked to find out how young Snoop Dogg was the first time he smoked weed

There are no ‘official’ guidelines on how to gain a spot in the ‘stoner Hall of Fame’. But if there were, I’d imagine this would be an easy way to snatch top-dog status—pun very much intended.

Rapper and marijuana enthusiast, Snoop Dogg, continues to amaze—and shock—fans with his longest-standing relationship with weed. Although it was recently revealed that none other than country music legend Willie Nelson, 89, can outsmoke the rapper, Snoop doesn’t appear to be letting go of his title as ‘Doggfather’ anytime soon.

In a 2008 interview with Esquire, the West Coast rapper let it slip that the first time he ever got high was in the 1970s with his uncle—when he was only eight years old. Snoop spoke fondly of weed, philosophically stating: “It makes me feel the way I need to feel.”

The icon went on to explain the circumstances of his first toke, “They had these little roaches on the table—these part-way-smoked marijuana cigarettes—and there was some Schlitz Malt Liquor Bull. I went in there and sipped the Schlitz, and my uncle asked me, did I wanna hit that roach? And I was like, ‘Yeah.’ He put it on the roach clip for me and lit it up, and I hit that motherf*cker.”

After the initial shock and subsequent desire to retrospectively dial-up Child Protective Services, most fans came to the realisation that, for Snoop, cannabis has always been a healing and positive element in his life.

In 2020, the rapper took part in #FlowTalks, a discussion panel hosted by Flow Kana—a sustainable family-run Californian cannabis brand. During the talk, Snoop spoke about how “cannabis connects people, never have I had a bad conversation while smoking some Chronic with somebody.”

“I was a supporter of it as a youngster, It was a cool way of feeling good. Cannabis was the choice for me, and when I was making my music, it was making my music more mellow and making me more mellow,” the Doggystyle musician continued.

In 2019, Snoop and fellow smoking compadre Seth Rogan spoke on The Howard Stern Show about their top tips for first-timers. While Rogan recommended newbies start with one hit, Snoop chimed in with “I’d say a half of one.” The rapper went on to joke, “I got a lot of people saying ‘Hey my dream is to smoke with you’ and bang [Snoop imitates passing out] he dying!”

Marijuana possession has been a topic of contention within the US for some time now, and with President Biden officially granting the country a mass marijuana possession pardon, perhaps we’ll soon see Snoop become Biden’s official cannabis consult.