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Belle Delphine returns to social media with TikTok and OnlyFans pages

Belle Delphine is back online

Belle Delphine, the 20-year-old gamer girl, egirl and internet personality who was previously known for selling her own bathwater online has returned after a 7 months internet hiatus. Belle Delphine first announced she was back on her YouTube channel, which had remained inactive previously, by posting a new video where she danced to a song with lyrics about herself.

Is Belle Delphine on TikTok?

The video begins with the lyrics: “You were thinking I died? Bitch, surprise. I still got the double thicc thighs, French fries.” Further in her song, Belle Delphine also proved she filmed the video recently as she mentions Elon Musk and Grimes’ new baby X Æ A-12 and announces she’s on TikTok too under @babyBelleDelphine. So far, the gamer girl has only posted three videos but she has already amassed 147,000 followers.

Belle Delphine also mentions selling her bathwater

In her comeback song, Belle Delphine also references the time she sold out her own bathwater online and made headlines for it. In the video, she sings: “Bathwater sold out, big sad.”

Belle Delphine mocks rumours of her being dead

Last year, Belle Delphine also became the centre of death rumours. These started after fans realised she had posted a video on Instagram on 19 February which showed her dancing to a song about suicide, before brandishing a (presumably fake) gun.

This caused panic among her then three million Instagram followers, who speculated as to whether or not Belle Delphine had actually died. By beginning her comeback video with the lyrics “You were thinking I died? Bitch, surprise,” the egirl is clearly mocking these rumours.

Is Belle Delphine on OnlyFans?

Last but not least, in her new song, Belle Delphine mentions OnlyFans, asking viewers to “buy my OnlyFans you big chad.” Under @BelleDelphine on OnlyFans, the internet sensation asks for fans to pay a $35 monthly subscription in order to access her content. So far, Belle Delphine has 11 posts on her page.

One thing is for sure, now that Belle Delphine is back online, internet culture will definitely have a whole lot more to talk about.